Publishing Services - What We Do

Let us be your partner in bringing your story to the world – whether for a small more personal project or for a larger commercial venture.

We are an author friendly personalized publisher and can produce your book in paper format, hard cover (with or without jackets), or eBook format.

What you can expect:

  • Beautiful cover designs
  • Professional editing and text layout
  • All components to sell your book including ISBN and barcode

Summerland Publishing simplifies the publishing process so our authors can focus on the bigger picture.

We do not sell ‘packages’ for the publishing process since each author and their material may have unique needs that don’t fit into a pre-set package.  A member of our team will work with each author to determine the best process to meet individual needs for the best outcomes.  We do not offer traditional print packages but are a print-on-demand publisher that works with Amazon and Ingram.

Our authors deserve the very best and we deliver.

For an overview of information for the new author and how the publishing process works, please click here.

Pre-Publishing Print and eBooks

We work closely with each author to determine the pre-publish needs. The pre-publishing process includes editing, interior formatting, unlimited images, full-color cover (front and back), ISBN, listing with the Library of Congress, and a barcode. The author may choose the pre-publishing components that are needed for their book. All books should be edited either before sending us the file or we can provide editing services for you.

We will also develop your manuscript into an eBook using the latest  standards. This includes formatting, custom covers, and interior page creation.


We work with print-on-demand companies Amazon and Ingram. Printing costs will vary based on number of books ordered, number of pages, size of book, number of color pages, if any, and other factors. We will get an estimate based on initial information about your manuscript and then, before printing, will obtain a final estimate that the author approves before moving forward.

The author receives hard copy proofs for review before the book goes “live” for sale.


  • The book is listed with and is then available through all distributors and bookstores worldwide.
  • We submit your book to the Library of Congress
  • We encourage authors to plan some local marketing that includes sending a book to the local paper and reaching out to local radio stations for an interview.

Additional Marketing Services

  • Obtain CIP Classification for your book
    If you wish your book to have the proper classifications and in-depth description that is used by libraries to categorize books they order, we must obtain this CIP information used by the Library of Congress, and list it on the legal page in the front of your book.
  • Create Press Release to be distributed to search engines, Google News, MSN News, Live News, Yahoo News, News,, industry and regional distribution channels and opt-in media recipients:
  • Create a Video Trailer for your Book:
    The author can then post this video trailer on every site that is related to books, writing, editing, publishing, etc. Some examples are: YouTube, Goodreads, Facebook, BookBuzzr, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Book Town, Jacket Flap, PodioBooks, Stumble-Upon, Webs, Wix, and Zing.