A Physical and Spiritual Reality: An Essay Connecting Theology and the Life Sciences

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By Daniel J. Price

The past century has seen tremendous advances in our understanding of cellular biology, molecular biology, and evolutionary science. However, theological questions remain as to how our physical world originated, and what might be the interaction of God with our physical world. This essay explores the potential interaction of a transcendent God with the physical world that we have come to know by the scientific method. This is coupled with the conviction that rigorous and verifiable science can be harmonized with how a transcendent God that interacts with his creation.

Furthermore, it is hypothesized that this transcendent God governs the natural laws in an orderly manner, consistent with his supernatural nature. A concerted effort is made to answer potential scientific and biblical conflicts regarding divine origins and divine interactions with the physical world.  This essay further postulates that the evidence(s) of God’s activity in our world are manifested in reflections that we see in the natural world viewed not in particular instances, but in the landscape seen at a distance when overall patterns of life are seen in perspective. Examples of scientific exploration are given in the area of structural biology, molecular biology, enzymology, and evolutionary biology. What we see conveyed is an appreciation of the majesty of a God who has established a world of infinite complexity, but at the same time one that is understandable by natural laws and scientific methodology.

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