Our Journey with Food

by Tammera J. Karr PhD

“Our Journey with Food” chronicles the rapid rate of change in the food industry from the early 20th century to the present. Written in an engaging manner, the book includes recipes, rare historical photos, and highlights from North American pioneers to present-day experts.

A wonderful read and an excellent gift it provides a lively account of how we went from family farms to McDonald’s and beyond.

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Setting them Free

by Roger Simpson

This book is about Respect for education and therefore respect for the only reason we have classrooms, the students.

My purpose is for you read and think about this series of vignettes because they have a direct but subtle relationship to why we are destroying the last of our planetary resources out of greed and ignorance and  by continuing to send our youth off to die in battle, giving these actions the delusional names, “profit and patriotism.”

The vignettes help expose these illusions and others, because they reveal in true story form how respecting our young and hearing their voices opens the way for them to become thoughtful  student-citizens ready to take on the world of our reality, not our long standing and destructive illusions.

In the tradition of Plato, education means to “lead out,” to open young thoughtful minds from so much of the ignorance we see in history and thus, to “set them free.”

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