The Tooth Fairy Dog

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by Sean Butler

Written by Sean’s Grandma, Debbie Caterson:

Sean was often ill as a child.  After seeking answers, it was discovered that he was gluten and casein intolerant.  Sean’s development began to slow down. He had begun to speak, but then it all went away.  He got to a point where he was not making any sounds.

Then the day came when my daughter JoAnn, Sean’s Mom, called me and said, “Mom, I know what Sean has!  All his symptoms are a perfect fit for autism.”

I began to look on the internet and found hope.  DAN, Defeat Autism Now!  A group of doctors that only work with autistic children.  Sean’s journey towards recovery began.

Later, I heard a man speak about his son’s amazing recovery using the Son Rise program.  Through many years of therapy, love and commitment from family and friends, Sean has become an amazing person. Sean is a very talkative and an extremely social person today.  Without his Mom, Dad and Jarrod’s amazing wife Amber who Sean calls his “other Mom”, Sean would not be the young man he is today!  We hope you enjoy his imagination in this story and stories to come.

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ISBN: 978-1-7375730-3-6

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