General Fiction

Writings of a Lifetime

by Mack W. Borgen

About life, love, aging, laughter, ethics, and happiness … 

These stories have been written over the course of a lifetime. They are offered to lift our spirits, make us laugh, and to help ease the tensions of our society. Some of the stories are autobiographical. Some lighthearted. Some serious. Most – just like life – lie in between.

Collectively, the stories are about life in Modern America – a complicated, competitive, diverse, era dominated by technology, globalism, war, famine, and terrorism, the conflicting perceptions of the roles of ethics, government, families, religion, and the lingering consequences of the aggressive politics of our recent decades.

Many of the writings contain a degree of humor and levity. Partly, this is merely a matter of style. Partly, this is because the author believes that it is sometimes hard to learn from the thick and heavy books of philosophy, politics, and history. There are times when the picky details of experts and the pushy words of pundits and scholars are needed. But not always. And especially not now. Not today.

If the writings convey a special insight or pass on an accidental piece of wisdom, the author would be most pleased; even honored. Humbly, he leaves that for you to decide.

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