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The Thing Is…

by Patsy Garlan

An anxious writer braves the verdict of an austere IRS auditor. A corpse reveals our common humanity. A lonely old lady shares her bittersweet last hours. Fall leaves fall, dogs bound, cats stroll through these lively selections from Patsy Garlan’s 60-year writing career.

In pithy poems, evocative stories, and telling essays, Garlan’s light touch draws the reader of The Thing Is into the world all human beings share and together create.

Love, loss, birth, death and the hereafter, are among her wide-ranging themes. She writes of coming to terms with the daunting computer, of succumbing to the charms of the ever-present cellphone, of reveling in the joys and challenges of the natural world. And on every page of The Thing Is, what shines through is the celebration of life.

From Reviews of the Author’s Novel Sea Change:
“Patsy Garlan’s flowing literary style hooks us readers immediately.”

“I’ve just finished reading Sea Change and I think it is spectacular.“

“The dialogue is funny and clever and very revealing of the characters.”

“All in all a wonderful story.”

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by: Roger Simpson

“unfinished is a novel that finds two extraordinarily aware individuals trying to find meaning in the modern world. Their search for a fulfilling life changes when they meet and fall in love. Can they live with or adjust to or overcome their own special flaws to make that love meaningful, to make it real? Do they have the courage and special strength to realize their quest and remain together?”

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ISBN: 978-0-9995562-3-8

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Watch Me Walk

by Jennifer Hill

More than a memoir, Watch Me Walk is a bold book filled with undisguised, gritty short stories about mistakes, mishaps and mercy.

With God all things are possible.

You will find real, raw, true-to-life stories about this author’s slips and falls in her attempt to walk in her purpose. A must-read for every young woman.


“The magnitude of this author’s transparency is nothing less than amazing! These stories resonated with my soul.  I found it comforting to know that there was someone else just like me that was chasing after God’s heart and falling down along the way. This author reminded me that it was okay to fall down as long as I got back up.”

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ISBN: 9780999556207

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