by Jennifer Hill

The Bible uses the number 40 to denote completion or fulfillment. It is the number for the duration of a trial of any kind.

The meaning of Sanguine (pronounced SanG Gwen) is to be optimistic or positive, especially in a bad or difficult situation. I encourage you to study these divine devotionals for 40 days, and I assure you the outcome will be fascinating!

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Sean Gets Lost in the Jungle

By: Sean Butler

A few words from Sean’s Grandma, Debbie Caterson: “I began to tell Sean stories at bedtime. He so enjoyed them, he wanted me to tell them over and over again. Since I made them up, I did not always get them right each time, and he would correct me. “Wait Grandma, ” then he would correct me because he has memorized the stories from when I first told them! An amazing child to say the least. Then he decided that he had an “imagination” and started to tell his own stories. “Sean Gets Lost in the Jungle” is the first one.”

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Setting them Free

by Roger Simpson

This book is about Respect for education and therefore respect for the only reason we have classrooms, the students.

My purpose is for you read and think about this series of vignettes because they have a direct but subtle relationship to why we are destroying the last of our planetary resources out of greed and ignorance and  by continuing to send our youth off to die in battle, giving these actions the delusional names, “profit and patriotism.”

The vignettes help expose these illusions and others, because they reveal in true story form how respecting our young and hearing their voices opens the way for them to become thoughtful  student-citizens ready to take on the world of our reality, not our long standing and destructive illusions.

In the tradition of Plato, education means to “lead out,” to open young thoughtful minds from so much of the ignorance we see in history and thus, to “set them free.”

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Skinning Rope

By Roger Simpson

These stories about San Francisco in the 60’s speak of that memorable time when the voices of hope and possibilities competed with the sinister drumbeat of the Vietnam War.

The characters struggle, succeed and sometimes fail, but in the end they courageously follow their choices. We see young men who stoically face the inevitability of the draft as well as those senior “pioneers” who endure daily lives of quiet resignation. Each story begins with a new opening; each story ends too soon.

Take your time. The essence of these stories comes to us slowly. The sensual side of this charismatic city seduces with scents, sounds, flavors and panoramic vistas. Step on to that iconic cable car that tenaciously follows the arterial network of its roadways.

Remember, “it’s all about the ride.”

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Sophie and her Miraculous Adventure

By: Cynthia Dumont

This story is about a young girl and her magical horse. He flies her to different dimensions and otherwordly places where she learns about the world and spiritual laws beyond what she ever imagined.

Along with her journeys to the other side, a mystery that has haunted her family for years comes to light. An unusual story about magic, love, nature, and wisdom

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Soul Survivor

“Soul Survivor” by Jolinda Pizzirani is the metaphysical story of a doctor who learns he is dying and decides to participate in an experiment to “prove” life after death.

The lives of three different couples are touched –and changed dramatically — by this doctor and his experiences while in an “out of body” state.

“Soul Survivor” is a moving, uplifting story which will positively affect every person who reads it.

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Stories That Make a Difference

Stories that Make a Difference is a compilation of stories that are heart-warming, humorous, inspirational, motivational, and loving. In each instance, as the reader, you have probably been involved or witnessed a similar situation throughout the course of your life.

This book will show you how to make a difference in the lives of others through your words and actions. Remember, it only takes a few seconds to make a person’s day a little bit better. Enjoy!

Wayne Soares is an actor, inspirational speaker, comic, and author. Last year, the former ESPN Radio Broadcaster starred in two films; the crime drama “Snitches” and the mob comedy “The Curse of Don Scarducci” with Alec Baldwin. Wayne devotes a great deal of time to entertaining our troops both home and abroad and has brought laughter to our military men and women in Afghanistan, Iraq, London, South Korea, and Germany. Wayne is an immensely proud father of three children and a huge supporter of Special Olympics, The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and The American Cancer Society.

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By Roger Simpson

When do you know that something has been the right deed, but for the wrong reason?  The novel Strings answers that question. It leads from police harassment of a working class San Francisco neighborhood to a distant, mysterious city beneath the Sahara desert.

It connects the strings between many unique characters: a powerful San Francisco politician, an ex-cop-turned-reporter and his ex-partner (a police lieutenant and Master of Zahu, the most ancient of the martial arts), and Esse, a man who comes from his desert city where advanced experimentation has evolved a science and technology far beyond the West to supposedly create a plan for world peace.

The reporter and detective are both disillusioned with day-to-day life, but their investigation of the harassment problem suddenly opens a direct line to Esse’s city.

His “right deed” for world peace may be for the wrong reason which might evolve in an attack against the West, city by city. They join with a brilliant renegade scientist and Esse’s only beloved daughter in a race against time to unravel the strings of power.

How they get there and what they must do brings the novel into the hands of a terrorist who sees peace as the end of the West.

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The Adventures of Peppy the Puppy

Peppy is a fun-loving puppy who gets into trouble but earns his keep in an emergency! A delightful book for young and old.

by Yetta Harris

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The All-American Lieutenant

by Rich Grimes

The All-American Lieutenant is a story describing the noteworthy accomplishments made on battlefields and naval venues to fend off the Axis enemies determined to defeat and enslave America. The book is a fictionalized love story with events of World War II intertwined creating a literary blend sure to interest readers.

The text highlights one man’s patriotic quest doing all he can to help win the war, and his soldiering, courage, and sacrifice represent the best of all who served. Acknowledging and celebrating the exploits of many through the life and times of this military hero was both an honor and privilege.

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