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Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics Leon E. Panetta, Former Presidential Chief of Staff and current Head of the CIA “At a time when all of us may doubt the value and ethics of our society, this book offers hope that a new generation of children will learn to live their lives by the rules of decency and civility.  “Kid Ethics” is aimed at helping children develop character; but in a real way, it can help all of us be better human beings.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Futures Society “I really like the unconventional, entertaining, educational approach taken. If all parents gave these books to their children, we would have a much more civilized society.  Thank you for doing this for our species.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics Congresswoman Lois Capps “Kid Ethics” brings together inspiring stories, great illustrations and thoughtful questions.  The lessons in this book will help parents and educators integrate ethics education into daily activities.  It’s a workbook designed to assist children in decision-making skills and in taking steps toward becoming successful citizens in today’s world.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics Lotte Weinstein, Child & Adult Psychotherapist “Mr. Bottoms gives examples of abstract concepts in a language that young children will understand and emulate.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics Eva Marie Saint, Actor, and Jeffrey Hayden, Director “All of us can enjoy and learn from this beautiful book.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics C. Edward Crowther, Ph.D., LL.M. Retired Episcopal Bishop, Psychotherapist and Author Kid Ethics 2 continues to build the foundations of character development by presenting moral principles in a most delightful way.  Through entertaining stories, amusing yet meaningful illustrations, personal and interpersonal relationships are shown to be rewarding building blocks for social integration.  Kid Ethics 2 offers a useful tool for adults to participate in nurturing a moral attitude in children which will serve them well throughout their lives.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics The Reverend Carole Ann Cole “Kid Ethics is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and anyone who works with children. It teaches ethics in the best sense of the word, reminding both children and adults that their values and behavior impact other people, and the earth and its creatures. The lessons transcend ethnic and religious boundaries to provide universal, positive values embraced by all.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Davey and the GOM T. Boone Pickens, “I appreciate your sharing your wonderful book with me… My focus is [to] discuss energy alternatives like wind farms and natural gas as transportation fuel.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Davey and the GOM Maria Shriver, California First Lady “It is very important that we teach our children how vital it is to take care of the environment. I applaud you for writing a children’s book that can help them understand the importance of keeping the earth clean for our future generations.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Davey and the GOM Yvon Chouinard, Environmentalist “If you care about our ailing planet, read this book to the children in your life. It will inspire them and you to become like Davey and stand up to the Goliaths of our time who threaten our natural resources and our future.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Davey and the GOM Linda Krop, Environmental Attorney and Activist “Davey and the GOM” tells a story that both entertains and enlightens. Not only does this book educate children about the need to protect our environment, but it also empowers them to look for positive solutions.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Davey and the GOM Bob Sollen, Environmental Journalist “Writing somberly some time ago, I said of the 1969 oil well blowouts, ‘We didn’t take the hint.’ Perhaps now with Bottoms’ Davey and the GOM (Giant Oil Monster), the point will be made with the second generation born since the blowouts. I’m cheering for it.”
Bottoms, James “Bud” Kid Ethics Santa Barbara Newspress A delightful way to teach young children the value of ethics. The book is designed to incorporate basic skills such as reading, writing and spelling into the child’s development. The fun-filled cartoons and stories will appeal to kids and the questions asked at the end of each story add interest. Even the alphabet words chosen are odd and provocative.
Boyce, James Falling in Love with the Fiddle Santa Barbara NewsPress The author relates on how he became a fan of this instrument. Included with the book issued by the local publisher is a CD containing a simple learning program for the beginner. Charles Cann’s instructional illustrations are first-rate. Important source information is also included.
Brotherton, Patti Shoot for the Moon Santa Barbara NewsPress Ventura resident Patti Brotherton takes us beyond the typical goal setting of New Year’s resolutions and shows how to truly set a goal and achieve it.
Burns, Leanna From A to Z: Feed Your Soul and Lose the Weight Santa Barbara Family Life It’s a very hot topic now – “it’s not what you eat, but why you eat.” And in Feed Your Soul & Lose the Weight, this Santa Barbara author taps into this new direction and tackles the idea of “The soul” as the center of the weight loss issue. She takes the reader on a fun-filled 27-week journey through a schedule of chronicled spiritual achievements on you way to a well-fed soul and healthy lifestyle.
Burns, Leanna Living the Soul Dolce Vita Santa Barbara NewsPress The author suggests we all are collectors of both material and emotional things. She uses incidents in her own life to point out how to examine ourselves, shedding the unnecessary baggage that stands in the way of learning to live the good life. She distinguishes between what is clutter and what is valuable.
Crawford, Lori Discovering the Miracles and Mysteries Within You Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine The goal of this first book – a workbook – by local author Lori Crawford is to assist you in letting go of your emotional baggage in a nonthreatening, private process. Many of us feel stuck in our day-to-day lives, accepting the “way it is” without ever questioning “what am I doing”? or asking ourselves “is this how I want to be?” Discovering the Miracles and Mysteries Within You guides you in the process of confronting many of the bigger questions in life we avoid because we don’t know how to address them. The Workbook offers you a different question daily for 30 days, such as “What makes you feel loved”,” “What part(s) of my life are out of control?” or “Today ask yourself ‘why am I doing that?’” On day 14 the recommendation is even “Today, take the day off!” Crawford’s process of gaining awareness seems equal parts psychotherapy, introspection and journalizing. And although self-analysis can often be a slippery-slope, and there’s no guarantee we have the appropriate insight about our problems to be so totally aware of their root causes, the daily Workbook focuses on “feelings,” which at least draws you into the process of acknowledging the question and accepting the need to find an answer.
Crawford, Lori Discovering the Miracles and Mysteries within You Santa Barbara NewsPress The aim of this comb-bound book is to help one let go of emotional problems. There are questions for each day for 30 days. The answers should be filled in honestly. The workbook was developed out of the author’s personal experiences, suggesting that to open up emotions leads to a happier, more peaceful life.
Davis, Deborah The Nature of Woman Santa Ynez Valley News “The Nature of Woman” is a tribute to the strength and uniqueness of womankind. Blending nature scenes with photos of 42 of the Valley’s women, this book captures the earthiness of a woman’s spirit in everyday moments. Davis brings out the individual character of the women who grace the book’s pages.
Davis, Deborah The Nature of Woman Santa Barbara NewsPress A striking collection of photographic portraits of dozens of women matched with the prose and poetry: personal insights into their lives and the influence of the land around them. The sharp black-and-white close-up photos seem to emphasize the spiritual side of these indomitable women. The book, created by the noted Santa Ynez author, contains a foreword by Regina Jensen.
Davis, Deborah The Nature of Woman Santa Barbara NewsPress Deborah Lee Davis’ collection of black-and-white photos along with prose and poetry on “The Nature of Woman” is one of seven semifinalists for photography in the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards, reported the Los Olivos author. “This is a book of smiles,” said Jim Barnes, Independent Publisher Online editor and awards director. “These women and their portraits convey a message of hope and joy to the world.” The IPPY Awards, celebrating its 10th birthday this year, recognize independent, university and self-0published titles.
Davis, Deborah The Nature of Woman Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine This is an elegant gift to give mom, one that may provide her with many moments of quietly personal affirmation. The work of first-time author and Los Olivos resident, Deborah Lee Davis, the book is a celebration of woman, and womankind in general, in the author’s choice of face portraits – photographed in dramatic black & white – poetry and stories, all of which give visual and poetic tribute to their spirit and earthiness. Davis’ subject matter, her keen eye for the subtleties of spirit in everyday moments and her appreciation of humankind allow the photographs to speak for themselves. And mom may see her own essence reflected in the faces of the women or paralleled in the crisp text.
Dunlap, Christi Lucky Me Santa Barbara NewsPress A cute, illustrated book for children by former Santa Barbara resident Christi Drue Dunlap that imparts what they need to know before owning a pet, told through the eyes of the adorable dog Rocky.
Dunlap, Christi Lucky Me Santa Barbara Family Life This irresistible new volume by Christi Drue Dunlap is a charming resource for teaching compassion and responsibility skills to kids who are considering adding an animal to their family. Narrated by a rescued dog named Rocky, and illustrated with full color photographs by the author, Rocky and his friends walk us through what a humane society can offer to animals, and what every animal guardian should know about caring for and keeping their new family member safe. It’s a jewel and an unexpectedly perfect gift.
Farren, Rick Eliza’s Wish Cape Cod Times Author of previous installments “Grandpa and the Pirate” and “Secret of the Lighthouse,” Falmouth resident Rick Farren has published his third novel in the Dickey Denton series. “Eliza’s Wish” is the story of Dickey’s great-great-grandmother, Eliza Tuffett. Back to the lighthouse and to the haunted Josiah Wheeler mansion go Dickey and his friends as they seek the truth about the woman who strolls the mansion’s widow’s walk.
Farren, Rick The Secret of the Lighthouse Cape Cod Times The Secret of the Lighthouse is the tale of 11-year-old Dickey Denton and the secret he discovers at Rocky Neck Lighthouse, which is said to be inhabited by the spirit of a young woman. Inspired by the young woman’s journals describing her adventures around the world, Dickey and his best friend decide to investigate the existence of her spirit at Rocky Neck. Mr Farren is also the author of “Grandpa and the Pirate.”
Frentz, Joan Life Begins @ 60 Santa Barbara NewsPress A no-nonsense book suggesting that exercise and an active regimen can lead to a healthier and longer life. The Santa Barbara author, also a teacher of physical fitness, discusses the types of exercises available, the healthful properties of food, and how one can maintain a successful life balance. There are workbook sections, a bibliography and a list of suggested reading.
Frentz, Joan Life Begins @ 60 Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine Although reaching the age of sixty in  today’s world no longer means a woman has acquired dinosaur digits, there are still challenging issues in entering this decade of life that are more than just the flip-side of those encountered in her thirties, forties or fifties. But there are also issues that follow a woman’s life from decade to decade, and the strength of Joan Frentz’s Life Begins @ Sixty lies in the kind of challenges all women face every day: taking up the treadmill yet another time, or eating a decadent hunk of chocolate because there is no hope. In twelve chapters Frentz addresses life-related as well as age-related issues that run the gamut from “Body Awareness” (Do you “know” your body?) to “Let’s Get Physical” (Do’s & Don’ts) to “If We Must” (Becoming the spirited child again). And subsequent chapters explore everything from food, exercise and “free radicals” to friendships, personal pledges and goal setting. It’s for every woman who has bought new clothes because the old ones don’t fit anymore, or has beep on every single diet, or knows she has to get out there and start living better, but just hasn’t been able to. Although many of the issues in this well-crafted book explore questions women have been asking at every age, Life Begins @ Sixty mirrors the sixties because it may be the decade in which they need a sharper focus on the answers.
Garnett, Jana How the Caterpillar Got Its Wings Santa Barbara NewsPress A very simple, descriptive text tells of a group of frustrated and impatient young caterpillars that lean lessons as they go through the miraculous process of becoming butterflies. Included is an audio CD containing this story and fun activities.
Jackson, Rona Alphabetize Your Life Santa Barbara NewsPress From A (“Admit your imperfections and be OK with them”) to Z (“Zap immorality”), this handy little guide delivers pithy advice that may help lead to successful and satisfying living. The simple wisdom is directed at everyone.
LaMonica, Gina Tid Bits Santa Barbara Newspress With photos by April Brimer, this is a guide for parents concerned about the child obesity epidemic who want to offer better options for their kids. More than 25 simple recipes are included to satisfy any craving. The author has been a tenured college professor of health education and teaching in the field for about 20 years.
Lee, Nancy Hoover’s Funny Little Kids Santa Barbara NewsPress The light-hearted story of a delightful little chipmunk named Hoover and his brood in a Cape Cod garden. Hoover’s offspring Peek-a-boo, Sissy and Sneaky become the pets of owners Nancy and Grace, enriching their lives. The illustrations are by Nancy Lee, Michael Walton-Rabbit and Jolinda Pizzirani.
Pike, Michele How to Live an Exotic Life in an Ordinary World Santa Barbara Newspress In this most original and imaginative guide to exercising one’s ability to “follow the urges of the heart,” Ms. Pike trots out a bundle of offbeat projects to help the reader get started. In this book, in simple, easy-to-follow terms, you can learn how to make authentic Indian food, create a sari, belly dance, build a Bedouin tent and much more. The author also evokes simple truths to make life more meaningful.
Pizzirani, Jolinda Angel Words Santa Barbara NewsPress The latest entry by the author of several inspirational books, this is a collection of thoughts she has received from which she believes others can benefit. Most of the insights deal with one’s being open to personal questioning, acceptance and the ability to change.
Pizzirani, Jolinda Psychic Princess Santa Barbara NewsPress Young Danni has had problems growing up knowing she has psychic powers. Set in a contemporary period, this story follows Danni as she is called to help members of a rich family find their missing daughter. She meets a handsome detective and soon the two become a team, not only to solve the mystery but to build a life together.
Pizzirani, Jolinda Soul Survivor Santa Barbara NewsPress An interesting novel that centers on Dr. Bernie White who, at 42, learns he is dying. He decides to volunteer for a friend’s experiment that might provide evidence that there is life after death. In doing so, Dr. White becomes deeply involved with the lives of three disparate and troubled couples. The local author puts much emphasis on subconscious thoughts and dreams.
Pizzirani, Jolinda Inspirations Santa Barbara NewsPress A collection of metaphysical poetry and inspirational messages that are centered on the elusive meanings of love and faith.
Starr, Patricia Angel on my Handlebars Montecito Journal It is only appropriate that Patricia Starr should start the New Year peddling her first book, given it recounts her marathon 3,622 miles of pedaling during her bike ride across America five years ago at the age of 67
Starr, Patricia Angel on my Handlebars Santa Barbara NewsPress In 2004, at age 67, Patricia Starr cycled across America in 50 days, raising $22,000 to establish a perpetual $1,000 yearly music scholarship at Santa Barbara City College. This is her diary along the way.
Starr, Patricia Angel on my Handlebars The Midwest Book Review “Angel on my Handlebars” speaks to the determination of the human spirit, the ability of us all to accomplish so much more than we think we can and the importance of accepting that the results of our efforts don’t have to be perfect to have great meaning. That it’s an everyman’s account of an everyman’s journey makes “Angel on My Handlebars” special.
Wimberly, Ed A Parent’s Guide to Raising Great Kids Santa Barbara Newspress The author’s approach to this broad but important subject stresses that the aim is to create the child’s healthy self-esteem. The key answers to the questions asked are programmed for parents to help their children lean how to reach the state of self-confidence and responsibility. The use of discipline versus authority is also covered in detail.