Making a Difference

We are never ceased to be amazed at the good works our authors do in their communities and for the organizations that they support.

Authors donate time and proceeds from the books to make the world a better place. Here is a sample of just a few of their good works.

Kristin Arniotis – Autism Speaks ( is a research, advocacy, and service organization that helps families and adults dealing with autism. Founded in 2005 the organization has become the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization.

Randy Arnowitz –Randy Arnowitz is a Southern California gardener, horticulturist, and writer.  He particularly enjoys working with roses, orchids, and sharing the day with his golden retriever, Peaches, who faithfully accompanies him in the field.  He has written for the Santa Barbara News-Press, the Montecito Journal, the Santa Barbara Sentinel, and is a garden contributor for the Santa Barbara Independent.  His work has also appeared in The Whole Person Calendar, Edible Santa Barbara, the Mountain Journal Magazine, and Weird N.J. Noah’s Alphabet Garden is his first book.

Lorrie Caplan-Shern – Jewish Family Services in Boulder, Colorado. This wonderful organization   ( believes in strengthening the community by providing vital services to people in need. Some of the services include helping seniors live independently at home, providing quality mental health counseling, offering training and job placement to those with developmental disabilities, and providing food and financial aid to people in crisis.

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In 2010, when Blanche Caplan was 85, she flew to Colorado to visit her  daughter and son, Lorrie Caplan and Wayne Caplan. Blanche never made the return trip home to Philadelphia. The 85 year old suffered a few strokes during her visit that rendered her incapable of caring for herself. Overnight, Lorrie found herself as her mother’s caregiver. As Blanche recovered, she moved into the Carillon, a retirement community, and started a new life in Boulder. Before the stroke, Blanche lived independently and took regular trips to Atlantic City, NJ where she lived to gamble.  Lorrie had a full life too.  An intuitive life coach, abstract watercolor painter, published author, and a pop song writer, Lorrie’s life was focused on helping her clients and pursue her artistic endeavors.


Fortunately, Lorrie had the insight many years earlier to devote herself to forming a healthy and happy relationship with her parents while her father was still alive.  She wrote a book about her experience, titled “Giving Birth to My Parents”. That groundwork made all the difference in both Blanche and Lorrie’s present situation.  Caring for Blanche and attending to her needs has become Lorrie’s primary concern.  At times her role of caregiver can be overwhelming, but, Boulder JFS has been able to step in with support. Blanche attends JFS holiday services and celebrations at the Carillon and has also been matched with Friendly Visitor, Lisa Shanken . Additionally, JFS Care Manager Jodi Ansell encouraged Lorrie to the attend JFS’s monthly adult care giver support group which she has joined.


Now 90 years old, Blanche has found her way in Boulder. A cinema fan, Blanche watches movies at the Carillon’s theater daily, if not twice a day, and still gets out occasionally to gamble. She recently started an “I love you campaign” among the residents, attendants and families at the Carillon. Anytime someone helps Blanche, she graces him or her with an “I love you”.  For Lorrie, her mother’s compassion, kindness, and gratitude provides her with the strength to continue in her care giving role. “It’s always a trip to see my mom so fiery, feisty and funny with everyone she meets!”


Gary Delanoeye – The Carmen Alexander Memorial Scholarship supports student teachers at Antioch University, Santa Barbara during their most intensive and final academic quarter.  The Scholarship intends to help pay living and tuition expenses when Antioch teacher candidates have little or no time for employment due to the rigors of credentialing and student teaching requirements.

Karen Esposito – ASPCA.  Karen volunteers for the ASPCA socializing dogs and cats, creating training manuals, writing animal profiles, and taking minutes for staff meetings. Her work provides the TLC the animals need so be socialized and, hence, more adoptable.  She shares that even though it takes time to earn an animal’s trust, it is incredibly rewarding.

Patricia Garlan – A quiet volunteer who focuses her efforts to help older people remain in their homes.

Rich Grimes – Providing comprehensive, culturally competent services for children, adults, and families, CALM’s mission is to prevent, assess, and treat child abuse in Santa Barbara County, California. CALM stands for “child abuse listening mediation.  To learn more go to  Rich is also a hospice volunteer for Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care in Santa Barbara.

 Jennifer Hill – Gateway Battered Women’s Services in Colorado ( This organization serves the victims of domestic violence in Aurora and Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Susan LeVine and Tom Shepherd – Feeding the homeless from their organic garden, Food bank and Cancer events. Also Direct Relief Santa Barbara Fund, UNICEF, Jewish Federation, the Junior League of Santa Barbara, and the Audubon Society, The Arts Fund

Sharon Lee Mendes – Peace for Ponies ( and the 4H Club – Bourne Equestrians.

Peace for Ponies, like on Facebook at, rescues abused, abandoned mini-horses and small ponies.

Roger Simpson – Roger Simpson lives with his family in Santa Barbara, CA, and teaches at Hancock College.