A Journey of Remembering

A Journey of Remembering: While Seeking the Ultimate Love
by Nathan Whiting

This is a story of the author’s self-induced journey into and through hell on his way to finding and remembering a way “home” while stumbling upon the ultimate love which is unconditional in form. While preparing for this journey of remembering, he found himself conscience enough at times to realize and save the “gold nuggets” of spirituality he stumbled upon, hoping one day to share these with others. While the gold nuggets are spiritual in nature, it’s a raw variety or a “street spirituality.” Being a non-conformist and rebel at heart, he had to find some type of spirituality that would work for him and get him back on the path of re-membering what he is here for in the human form. This is a brutally honest (and sometimes graphic) retelling of that journey of recovery.
ISBN: 978-0-9824870-3-7

Price: $18.95

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A Message From St Francis

“A Message from St. Francis: An Ancient Mystic Speaks to the Modern World”
by Cheri Harris

Who am I really and what is this life truly about? These are the questions that are being asked more and more everyday because of the growing amount of unhappiness and dissatisfaction that people are feeling in their lives.

In A Message from St. Francis: An Ancient Mystic Speaks to the Modern World, St. Francis helps to clarify these fundamental questions. He chooses the most pressing issues we are facing today, both personally and socially, and then examines and discusses each one. He shows us how our conditioning, upbringing, and societal beliefs have influenced and distorted our thoughts and ideas.  He boldly and firmly asks us to deeply reflect upon and to question our motives and behavior, pushing us to move beyond our limitations and fears. From already having experienced a human body, knowing the feeling of despair, and now being able to see the bigger picture from the other side, his deep wisdom transforms and leads us on the true path of peace, love and integrity.

Click here to listen to a radio interview with Cheri Harris from BernicePaolozzi.com.

ISBN: 978-0-9794585-5-2

Price: $18.95

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Angel on My Handlebars

Angel on my Handlebars
by Patricia Starr

Patricia Starr, a woman of seemingly indefatigable energy and enthusiasm for life, wanted to give something back to her community and pursue a dream to bicycle across America. In 2004, at age 67, she accomplished both by pedaling to raise $22,000 to establish a perpetual $1,000 yearly music scholarship at Santa Barbara City College.

The story of her arduous 50 day, 3,622 mile odyssey across America is told in a compelling way that is an inspiration to all. She proves that chronologic age can be overcome by enthusiasm, determination and perspiration.

She describes the interesting people she met along the way and the trials and tribulations she endured while crossing four major mountain ranges and the long, lonely, barren stretches of highway in America’s vast Midwest.

And lastly, it’s a love story about Patricia and Gabriel, her 20-year younger handsome, charismatic, Hispanic husband who initially refuses to support her on this crazy adventure, but then becomes totally entwined to become her personal “angel.” As the challenges across this expansive country develop, so does an alcohol problem. “Angel” is full of hope and heartbreak from the exhilaration of pedaling over the Rockies at almost 10,000 feet, to having their beloved van, “The Love Machine” stolen in Canada as they were anticipating the next day’s stop at Niagara Falls.

Through it all, they both knew a Heavenly angel was watching over her so she wasn’t out there alone.

ISBN: 978-0-9795444-8-4




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Eyes of the Soul

Eyes of the Soul
by Karen Esposito

Jack always longed to lift the physical world’s veil of illusion and peer into the reality behind it. His journey, in the afterlife, provides answers to his lifelong quest for forgotten truths. Traversing two worlds with the guidance of a mysterious angel transforms Jack by replacint the ego’s vision, with that of the soul’s. He gains an elevated perspective through releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with liberating insights. The world, and his path, are seen in a magical, new way.

About the Author:
Karen Esposito read her poem, What was not Seen on September 11th, at the first 9/11 memorial. Her Columbine poem, A Cry for Help in Columbine, was published in The Denver Catholic Register. She has now turned her capability for healing words into a novel. Karen is a second degree Reiki master. She has a career in the travel industry and lives in New York City.

“Karen Esposito addresses the needs of contemporary seekers in this inspirational book. She gives us practical tools with which we can gather spiritual knowledge.”
-Barbara Biziou, author of The Joys of Everyday Ritual and The Joys of Family Rituals

“This is a must read! Karen’s grasp of spirituality is comprehensive and inspiring. I encourage you to embark upon this awesome journey. You’ll feel enlightened, elevated, and entertained!”
-Louisiana Zinn, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-9-0

Price: $17.95

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Girlfriend…let me remind you

Girlfriend…let me remind you
By Jennifer Hill

Girlfriend…let me remind you is a wonderful pocket size devotional that will life your spirits. Each page shares the author Jennifer Hill’s passion for the gospel and her desire to bring comfort to others.

Jennifer donates 6% of her book proceeds to:

Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter
P.O. Box 914
Aurora, CO 80040

ISBN: 978-0-9905886-4-1

Price: $9.95

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“Inspirations,” by Jolinda Pizzirani is a collection of metaphysical poetry which will touch your heart and stir your soul. These verses speak to the theme of Universal Oneness, spiritual salvation and living your physical life to the fullest while in this realm.

ISBN: 978-0-9794585-1-4

Price: $8.95

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Life Test

by Jolinda Pizzirani
Kindle Only

We all wonder about what happens when you die. “Life Test” is a personal narrative of what is experienced once you pass from this life – or as the author calls it, “an afterlife primer.” Get a firsthand account of what happens next, with details that will provide plenty of incentives for your behavior while you are still among the living!

Almost everyone has a fear of death and has sometime in their life asked, what really happens when we die? Life Test gives you details of the life after death experience. The information was given to the author by her spirit guides and angels in a simple and comprehensive way. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get a head start on learning, before passing on, what is important in life so positive evolvement can begin.
– Cheri Harris, Author of “A Message from St. Francis”

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ISBN:  9780996373630

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by Jennifer Hill

The Bible uses the number 40 to denote completion or fulfillment.  It is the number for the duration of a trial of any kind.  The meaning of Sanguine (pronounced SanG Gwen) is to be optimistic or positive, especially in a bad or difficult situation.  I encourage you to study these divine devotionals for 40 days, and I assure you the outcome will be fascinating!

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Soul Survivor

“Soul Survivor” by Jolinda Pizzirani is the metaphysical story of a doctor who learns he is dying and decides to participate in an experiment to “prove” life after death. The lives of three different couples are touched –and changed dramatically — by this doctor and his experiences while in an “out of body” state. “Soul Survivor” is a moving, uplifting story which will positively affect every person who reads it.

ISBN: 978-0-9794585-0-7

Price: $15.95

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