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"A Message from St. Francis: An Ancient Mystic Speaks to the Modern World"
by Cheri Harris

Who am I really and what is this life truly about? These are the questions that are being asked more and more everyday because of the growing amount of unhappiness and dissatisfaction that people are feeling in their lives.

In A Message from St. Francis: An Ancient Mystic Speaks to the Modern World, St. Francis helps to clarify these fundamental questions. He chooses the most pressing issues we are facing today, both personally and socially, and then examines and discusses each one. He shows us how our conditioning, upbringing, and societal beliefs have influenced and distorted our thoughts and ideas.  He boldly and firmly asks us to deeply reflect upon and to question our motives and behavior, pushing us to move beyond our limitations and fears. From already having experienced a human body, knowing the feeling of despair, and now being able to see the bigger picture from the other side, his deep wisdom transforms and leads us on the true path of peace, love and integrity.

Click here to listen to a radio interview with Cheri Harris from BernicePaolozzi.com.

ISBN: 978-0-9794585-5-2

Price: $18.95

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