“Inspirations,” by Jolinda Pizzirani is a collection of metaphysical poetry which will touch your heart and stir your soul. These verses speak to the theme of Universal Oneness, spiritual salvation and living your physical life to the fullest while in this realm.

ISBN: 978-0-9794585-1-4

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Poems and Stories From the Lucky Life of Seymour Lehrer

Poems and Stories From the Lucky Life of Seymour Lehrer by Seymour Lehrer

This book “Poems and Stories from the Lucky Life of Seymour Lehrer” has taken up five precious years of time. and is why I have no free time. I find poetry to be an interesting and challenging subject. At times I get a spark, work on it off and on for months and years and finally get it right, or sometimes give it. up. These are my best Poems. The balance of the book are stories that I like, several are nonfiction.

Now some would say, “Seymour what in hell is so lucky about your life” Well I’ll tell ya, #1 I was lucky that I had people that taught me by example what not to do, kind of weird but better than nothing. I had a few positive examples of what to do. I met my Shirley, that was lucky, her family taught me what it means to be a good husband and father and what it takes to be a business owner. #2 I was lucky that we had two good kids that most of the time were not giving us gut aches’, they married good guys that we love, even though they all moved here. #3 That my business that was going broke decided it wasn’t. As a matter of fact it learned how to be a success. #4 That by and large we haven’t had much in the way of health problems, except for an occasional hiccup. And #5, that we moved and love it in Santa Barbara: a paradise. If that ain’t enough good luck, you tell me.

ISBN: 9780989112130


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Remember Not to Forget and Other Poems

Remember Not to Forget and Other Poems by Christina Pages


Christina Pagès’s second collection of poetry begins with her roots and her wondering “Who am I?” as she breathes in England ’s air “soaked with dew.” Her poems take us from England , through various countries in Europe, through Israel , Japan , and Mexico , settling back in Ojai , California , where she ponders the small and large mysteries of love and loss, the miracles in the surrounding landscape and her garden, the destruction and rebirth in California fires. Her last poems are elegies to her partner and soul-mate who died suddenly during the San Miguel Poetry Week, San Miguel de Allende, in 2012, where she has been a participant for the last seven years.

ISBN: 978-0-9891121-7-8

Price: $14.95

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The Thing Is…

by Patsy Garlan

An anxious writer braves the verdict of an austere IRS auditor.  A corpse reveals our common humanity. A lonely old lady shares her bittersweet last hours. Fall leaves fall, dogs bound, cats stroll through these lively selections from Patsy Garlan’s 60-year writing career.
In pithy poems, evocative stories, and telling essays, Garlan’s  light touch draws the reader of The Thing Is into the world all human beings share and together create. Love, loss, birth, death and the hereafter,  are among her wide-ranging themes.  She writes of coming to terms with the daunting computer, of succumbing  to the charms of the ever-present  cellphone, of reveling in the joys and challenges of the natural world.
And on every page of The Thing Is, what shines through is the celebration of life.

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