Falling in Love With the Fiddle

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James C.  Boyce is an instrument maker and repairman who gives his personal advice on the purchase and care of a fiddle, and includes his observations on the mystique of the instrument. This book relates how he fell in love with the fiddle, learned to play it, and began to teach others to play it.

“Falling in Love With the Fiddle” is designed for people who never learned to read music, and also for those who do read music but want to get “off the page” and play music by ear.

This book contains an aural learning program for the beginning fiddler, teaching how to hold the fiddle and bow, and to play the sounds that you hear. The AudioTab CD will help you learn how to tune the fiddle, and how to play three simple tunes on it. Ultimately, the book and CD will help you learn to play the “sounds” of the fiddle.

ISBN: 978-0-9794863-3-3

Price: $19.95

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