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Read the recent great article published by "Not Born Yesterday" Magazine about Bud and why he writes books teaching ethics to kids!

Message from Bud Bottoms, the Author:

As a sculptor, much of my time is spent detailing a model in clay or wax, so I listen to a lot of radio talk shows. With all the political debates I hear comes much discussion about ethics and morals. This made me question my own ethical values, including when, where, and how I learned them.

Probably like you, I learned most of my values, or ethics, over many years from my elders and from good and bad experiences-values like honesty, respect, integrity, and open-mindedness. Next I questioned, “since we use ethics every day of our lives, why are we not formally taught them in school like we are the three R’s’?

My answer was the incentive to write Kid Ethics from A to Z, a book that can be easily used in the classroom, an after school program, or better yet, at home with family.

Like Kid Ethics #1, Kid Ethics #2 continues to introduce the formal education of ethics to children, helping them to socialize in appropriate and respectful ways. I hope that you, too, feel these are valuable teachings to use and to pass along to others.




ISBN: 978-0-9794863-1-9

Price: $12.95

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