Dakota’s Window

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Dakota's Window
by Susan Infield


Dakota is a sweet dog who waits patiently at the animal shelter for a family who will adopt her so she can finally have her forever home.  She hears she is too small, too big or too old and begins to think her dream of being adopted will never happen.  Dakota has lots of love to give if only the right family will come along and make her part of their family.

A family is looking for a perfect dog to adopt. They search animal shelters to find their special dog. Will Dakota and the family find each other?

Told from a child's perspective "Dakota's Window" is a story of love, hope and never giving up on your dreams. For any family looking for a dog "Dakota's Window" shows us the journey to love is worth the trip.

Susan is donating a part of her royalties to a 100% Volunteer Animal Rescue Group.

Price: $17.99

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