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A Handbook for Citizen Farmers

A Handbook for Citizen Farmers by Susan LeVine and Tom Shepherd

Many years ago, every citizen had a garden. Today, some of us are too busy or don’t know how to grow a garden. So, how do you make a garden and become a citizen farmer?   This Handbook for Citizen Farmers was written by Tom Shepherd and Susan LeVine. Tom has been an organic farmer since 1973 and shares his secrets in this simple format to inspire children, families and schools to grow their own garden. Susan, a gifted artist, provides beautiful watercolor illustrations that help tell the story of growing a wonderful garden of your very own.

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-1-4

Price: $14.95

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Animal Friends

by: Rich Grimes Illustrated by Amy Koch Johnson

A beautifully illustrated children’s book that uses a poem to share the adventures of three unexpected friends.

A wonderful gift or book to cherish for childhood memories.

ISBN: 978-0-990-5886-3-4

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Price: $0.00

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Bravo and Glee of Cape Cod

Bravo and Glee of Cape Cod by Sharon Lee Mendes

This is a barn cat’s story of his friend, Bravo, who is a famous racehorse. Bravo had to retire early from the track, and now he works with disabled children. The story is based on the characters from the author’s small farm on Cape Cod. Bravo and Glee is a positive message to everyone – young and old.


A heartfelt read…Ms. Mendes has captured the true essence of the love, respect, and true passion between all barn creatures and their special people. If you are not part of a barn “family,” this read will encourage you to seek out your own special barn.

Jan Foster, Proprietor of Smithfield Farm on Cape Cod, Massachusetts Licensed Riding Instructor, Some-Special Olympics Instructor, Reserve World Champion, APHA

ISBN: 978-0-9824870–8-2

Price: $19.95

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Cat Speak

Cat Speak by Rich Grimes

The text and the colorful illustrations contained in Cat Speak accentuate and celebrate the wonderful world of our beloved felines. Simulating language based on what author Rich Grimes believes cats might be thinking, we come to know and appreciate the minds and hearts of our furry friends. As one might expect, there are (9) stories in all. The cats’ words are laced with humor, sarcasm, and at times, melancholy. Cat (and dog) lovers will undoubtedly smile and laugh for they will personally relate to the events and behaviors described. Background information and author commentary provide foundation and foreshadowing for the tales spun by both domesticated and feral cats. The author blends beautifully fact and fiction and augments the stories with several uniquely creative elements including vignettes, Simba’s farewell, a cinema tribute, and cat testimonials. A fun, imaginative, entertaining read, Cat Speak will speak to you.

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ISBN: 978-0-99864517-9

Price: $0.00

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Dakota’s Window

Dakota’s Window
by Susan Infield


Dakota is a sweet dog who waits patiently at the animal shelter for a family who will adopt her so she can finally have her forever home.  She hears she is too small, too big or too old and begins to think her dream of being adopted will never happen.  Dakota has lots of love to give if only the right family will come along and make her part of their family.

A family is looking for a perfect dog to adopt. They search animal shelters to find their special dog. Will Dakota and the family find each other?

Told from a child’s perspective “Dakota’s Window” is a story of love, hope and never giving up on your dreams. For any family looking for a dog “Dakota’s Window” shows us the journey to love is worth the trip.

Susan is donating a part of her royalties to a 100% Volunteer Animal Rescue Group.

Price: $17.99

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Davey and The GOM (Giant Oil Monster)

“Davey and The GOM (Giant Oil Monster)” by James “Bud” Bottoms. The author of the “Kid Ethics” books now brings us a beautifully illustrated story about a young boy’s efforts to overcome the fearful Giant Oil Monster and save the environment along with his animal and ocean friends. This book will be an inspiration to all young children who share a concern about keeping our world clean and fighting for what is right.

Bud Bottoms is a world renowned sculptor, and father to four actor sons.  He was interviewed by and his interviews can be found here:

ISBN: 978-0-9795444-1-5

Price: $14.95

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Eliza’s Wish

“Eliza’s Wish” is the third book in the Dickey Denton series. It’s the story of Dickey Denton and the mystery he and his friends uncover at Rocky Neck Lighthouse and the Josiah Wheeler mansion. Spurned on by his vivid imagination and his need to discover the truth about the woman who walks the widow’s walk, he seeks guidance from his grandfather.

Reluctant at first to give in to Dickey’s wishes, Grandpa eventually relents and suggests he seek advice from the spirit of his great-great-grandmother, Eliza Tuffett. Unsure of what to expect, he summons up his courage and decides to risk it.

With the help of his friends, they embark on the adventure and their curiosity takes them back to Rocky Neck Lighthouse and to the haunted Josiah Wheeler mansion on a mysterious journey they’ll never forget.

ISBN: 0-9794863-8-6

Price: $14.95

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Heather and Buddy Go To School

Author: Rich Grimes

Heather is a perky, 16-year-old redheaded girl.  She is blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other, but her disability does not impede participation in and enjoyment of an active, healthy, and happy life.  She possesses the energy, perseverance, courage, and resilience to meet the challenges of each day.  Heather’s parents, school counselor, friends, and loyal companion, Buddy – an English Lab service dog, devote themselves to helping her maintain independent living.  Heather & Buddy Go to School is a fun, brilliantly illustrated book, illuminating and celebrating the union of two special friends – an inspiration to readers of all ages.

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I Have Autism and That’s Okay

I Have Autism and That’s Okay by Kristin Arniotis; illustrated by John Arniotis


Autism is a scary word. Let’s face it. We don’t know where it comes from and there is currently no “cure.”  As parents, we want to have all of the answers for our children. We want to make everything better, perfect even, for them. But autism and the mystery surrounding it doesn’t allow for that. When our son, Billy, was diagnosed at age 2, there were a ton of unanswered questions and a great amount of uncertainty about what the future would hold for him.  We felt a little helpless. We didn’t have the answers. We didn’t have the certainty. What we did have and what we were certain of was our unconditional love for and devotion to our son. So, rather than focus and dwell on the uncertainty, we decided to focus on the things that were certain. Much like every other child, Billy loved to run. He loved to draw pictures. He loved to….love! And we loved him. So this book is about all of the certainties, the positives, the love. And, as an afterthought, Billy has autism. And, for us, that’s okay!

Part of the proceeds of this book to the Autism Speaks Foundation and to A Miracle For Debbie Foundation.

Price: $21.99

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Kid Ethics 2 from A to Z

Read the recent great article published by “Not Born Yesterday” Magazine about Bud and why he writes books teaching ethics to kids!

Message from Bud Bottoms, the Author:

As a sculptor, much of my time is spent detailing a model in clay or wax, so I listen to a lot of radio talk shows. With all the political debates I hear comes much discussion about ethics and morals. This made me question my own ethical values, including when, where, and how I learned them.

Probably like you, I learned most of my values, or ethics, over many years from my elders and from good and bad experiences-values like honesty, respect, integrity, and open-mindedness. Next I questioned, “since we use ethics every day of our lives, why are we not formally taught them in school like we are the three R’s’?

My answer was the incentive to write Kid Ethics from A to Z, a book that can be easily used in the classroom, an after school program, or better yet, at home with family.

Like Kid Ethics #1, Kid Ethics #2 continues to introduce the formal education of ethics to children, helping them to socialize in appropriate and respectful ways. I hope that you, too, feel these are valuable teachings to use and to pass along to others.




ISBN: 978-0-9794863-1-9

Price: $12.95

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