A Handbook for Citizen Farmers

A Handbook for Citizen Farmers by Susan LeVine and Tom Shepherd

Many years ago, every citizen had a garden. Today, some of us are too busy or don’t know how to grow a garden. So, how do you make a garden and become a citizen farmer?   This Handbook for Citizen Farmers was written by Tom Shepherd and Susan LeVine. Tom has been an organic farmer since 1973 and shares his secrets in this simple format to inspire children, families and schools to grow their own garden. Susan, a gifted artist, provides beautiful watercolor illustrations that help tell the story of growing a wonderful garden of your very own.

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-1-4

Price: $14.95

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Dad’s Home Cooking

Dad’s Home Cooking by Zachary Wolinsky & Family

Dad’s Home Cooking is a tribute to the culinary skills of Dr. Lawrence Wolinsky, father, husband, loyal friend, scholar, and respected health professional. He inspired his children to write this amazing collection of family recipes which sustained them during their formative years. The witty and humorous accompanying stories will surely bring a smile to the reader’s face.

Dr. Wolinsky’s scientific, special techniques make each recipe memorable and delectable. Emphasizing the ease with which family meals may be prepared that are wholesome, time saving, and economical, this book engages the next generation and inspires readers to provide for their families in the most gastronomic way.

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-2-1

Price: $29.95

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Eat Well With Diabetes

Eat Well With Diabetes / Comer Bien con Diabetes (Written in English and Spanish) by Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

The recipes presented in this diabetes-friendly cookbook offer a variety of lower carbohydrate recipes that enhance variety, texture, color and flavor that can be included in an eating plan not only appropriate for people with diabetes, but also for anyone looking for a healthy and nutritious approach to eating. The emphasis of this cookbook is a reduced-carbohydrate, but not a reduced taste, approach to eating that does not sacrifice the enjoyment of delicious and nutritious foods.

ISBN: 978-0-9824870-5-1

Price: $24.95

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Falling in Love With the Fiddle

James C.  Boyce is an instrument maker and repairman who gives his personal advice on the purchase and care of a fiddle, and includes his observations on the mystique of the instrument. This book relates how he fell in love with the fiddle, learned to play it, and began to teach others to play it.

“Falling in Love With the Fiddle” is designed for people who never learned to read music, and also for those who do read music but want to get “off the page” and play music by ear.

This book contains an aural learning program for the beginning fiddler, teaching how to hold the fiddle and bow, and to play the sounds that you hear. The AudioTab CD will help you learn how to tune the fiddle, and how to play three simple tunes on it. Ultimately, the book and CD will help you learn to play the “sounds” of the fiddle.

ISBN: 978-0-9794863-3-3

Price: $19.95

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Lucky Me

Lucky Me
by Christi Dunlap

“Lucky Me”, narrated by a rescued dog named Rocky, provides a guide to children and parents looking to add an animal companion to their family. Illustrated with full color photographs by the author, Rocky and his friends walk us through what a humane society can offer to animals, and what every animal guardian should know about caring for and keeping their new family member safe.

“Lucky Me” is an important resource for elementary educators teaching compassion and responsibility skills to students or for those with children who are considering adding an animal to their family. Told in the voice of the adorable dog Rocky, this book teaches kids how to identify and react to animal feelings, what a pet needs to be a safe, happy part of a human family and the role of the humane society in helping animals find safe homes. It even has a pledge page so a child can formally agree to give food, water, shelter and love to their new animal friend! The crisp photos beautifully illustrate the book’s points and lovingly draw children into the world of joy that animals can bring to our families and lives.

Liliana Manzone, Elementary Educator and Learning Specialist

ISBN: 9780979544491

Price: $14.95

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Practical Theories & Formulas for Engineering, Physics and Math

“Practical Theories & Formulas for Engineering, Physics and Math” by Jorgen Andersson has been called “four years of engineering college in one book.” With this book, you have knowledge and education at your fingertips to inspire you. During your educational studies, you may find the short examples with graphs helpful. If you have already finished your education, this book is a “one of a kind resource” to fall back on. Enhance your knowledge by rediscovering the creativity in mathematics and its applications.

ISBN: 0-9794863-5-1

Price: $19.50

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Setting them Free

by Roger Simpson

This book is about Respect for education and therefore respect for the only reason we have classrooms, the students.

My purpose is for you read and think about this series of vignettes because they have a direct but subtle relationship to why we are destroying the last of our planetary resources out of greed and ignorance and  by continuing to send our youth off to die in battle, giving these actions the delusional names, “profit and patriotism.”  The vignettes help expose these illusions and others, because they reveal in true story form how respecting our young and hearing their voices opens the way for them to become thoughtful  student-citizens ready to take on the world of our reality, not our long standing and destructive illusions.

In the tradition of Plato, education means to “lead out,” to open young thoughtful minds from so much of the ignorance we see in history and thus, to “set them free.”

ISBN: 978-0-9963736-2-3

Price: $11.95

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The Story of Santa Barbara’s Dolphin Fountain

The Story of Santa Barbara’s Dolphin Fountain by Bud Bottoms

“The Story of Santa Barbara’s Dolphin Fountain” is the true account of how the famous fountain was conceived and then built, step by step. Filled with wonderful color photos taken throughout the process, sculptor Bud Bottoms also relates how the tremendous influence of the local Chumash Indians and their culture contributed to this endeavor. A beautiful keepsake book, “The Story of Santa Barbara’s Dolphin Fountain” will have a special place in the historical documentation of this wonderful beach side community, of which the dolphin fountain is the central landmark.

James “Bud” Bottoms is an author, internationally famous sculptor, environmental activist, and native Californian who has lived in Santa Barbara since 1948. His children’s books, “Kid Ethics: From A to Z,” “Kid Ethics 2: From A to Z,” “Davey and the GOM (Giant Oil Monster)” and “Grandmother Mountain” are inspired by his desire to pass along his life experiences as an elder and as his responsibility being a part of the great web of existence. His newest book, “The Story of Santa Barbara’s Dolphin Fountain,” describes how the famous fountain came about — from initial inspiration through the actual steps taken to build the sculpture itself. Before becoming a children’s book author, Bottoms was already internationally famous for his environmental activism during and after the 1969 Santa Barbara Channel oil blowout, and his sculptures in the form of fountains and monuments around the world. He has four actor sons: Timothy, Joseph, Samuel, and Benjamin.

Praise from John Ruiz, Chumash Elder, Santa Barbara, California
I first met Bud Bottoms in the early 80’s when he came to my mother’s house to talk to us about putting a dolphin fountain at the entrance to Stearns Wharf. From that day many of theChumash and the elders, including my mother Madeline Hall,supported Bud on the fountain project. He has gained our respectand has never said no when we ask him for something. This book tells the real story of how the dolphin fountain came to be and what it means.

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-4-5

Price: $19.95

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