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Remember Not to Forget and Other Poems

Remember Not to Forget and Other Poems by Christina Pages


Christina Pagès’s second collection of poetry begins with her roots and her wondering “Who am I?” as she breathes in England ’s air “soaked with dew.” Her poems take us from England , through various countries in Europe, through Israel , Japan , and Mexico , settling back in Ojai , California , where she ponders the small and large mysteries of love and loss, the miracles in the surrounding landscape and her garden, the destruction and rebirth in California fires. Her last poems are elegies to her partner and soul-mate who died suddenly during the San Miguel Poetry Week, San Miguel de Allende, in 2012, where she has been a participant for the last seven years.

ISBN: 978-0-9891121-7-8

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Sea Change

Sea Change: The Uncertain Realm of the Married
by Patsy Garlan

Katherine Somerset, a lovely woman married to a rich, charming man, with three well-behaved children and seemingly everything an educated, cultivated woman in her thirties could wish for, is unaccountably dissatisfied with her life. She realizes that her life is superficial and that perhaps there is another, deeper self, waiting to emerge.  So she sets out on a journey—a journey of self-discovery—and falls under the spell of two totally inappropriate people.  And so begins the awakening.

It is mid-November, 1963.  Katherine (nicknamed Kat), her husband Charlie and their children are vacationing at an elite resort on a Hawaiian island.

The beauty of the island, the pleasures of golf, tennis and sailing, of lavish wining and dining, all conspire with a beguiling trial attorney (Hay) and his sister (Marge), a tennis champion, as they compete in the seduction of a bewitched Katherine.

The new decade is at the cusp of the expanding Civil Rights movement, of the rising tide of women’s rights and the Sexual Revolution, of the upcoming Vietnam War, with young people in open rebellion everywhere against the established order.  Sea Change ends five days before the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas and the awakening of America. The onrushing events are an undercurrent of the story, and as Katherine challenges her customary, customized world, she is perhaps an embodiment of the changing times and a new generation of Americans.

The conflict is one of reason and passion in a period of complex, even chaotic, social and sexual mores, where the options are not only either/or but, sometimes, both/and.  Rather like today . . .

ISBN-10: 098379233X
ISBN-13: 978-0983792338


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Skinning Rope

By Roger Simpson

These stories about San Francisco in the 60’s speak of that memorable time when the voices of hope and possibilities competed with the sinister drumbeat of the Vietnam War.

The characters struggle, succeed and sometimes fail, but in the end they courageously follow their choices.  We see young men who stoically face the inevitability of the draft as well as those senior “pioneers” who endure daily lives of quiet resignation.  Each story begins with a new opening; each story ends too soon.

Take your time.  The essence of these stories comes to us slowly.  The sensual side of this charismatic city seduces with scents, sounds, flavors and panoramic vistas.  Step on to that iconic cable car that tenaciously follows the arterial network of its roadways.

Remember, “it’s all about the ride.”

ISBN-10: 0996373675
ISBN-13: 978-0996373678

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By Roger Simpson

When do you know that something has been the right deed, but for the wrong reason?  The novel Strings answers that question. It leads from police harassment of a working class San Francisco neighborhood to a distant, mysterious city beneath the Sahara desert.

It connects the strings between many unique characters: a powerful San Francisco politician, an ex-cop-turned-reporter and his ex-partner (a police lieutenant and Master of Zahu, the most ancient of the martial arts), and Esse, a man who comes from his desert city where advanced experimentation has evolved a science and technology far beyond the West to supposedly create a plan for world peace.

The reporter and detective are both disillusioned with day-to-day life, but their investigation of the harassment problem suddenly opens a direct line to Esse’s city.

His “right deed” for world peace may be for the wrong reason which might evolve in an attack against the West, city by city. They join with a brilliant renegade scientist and Esse’s only beloved daughter in a race against time to unravel the strings of power.

How they get there and what they must do brings the novel into the hands of a terrorist who sees peace as the end of the West.

ISBN-10: 0998645125
ISBN-13: 978-0998645124

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