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Krista's Day: An Odyssey by Jenny Dickelman

Orator Cicero quoted: “To be unaware of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.”

Krista was born the daughter of a German woodcarver and his wife who instilled traditions from the Old World firmly in her. Although they sent her away at a young age to grow into adulthood with family friends, they felt satisfied she had been prepared well. Once in America, Krista did not remain a child for long. In the intimacy of warmth and respect, she faced experiences and adventures. However, she was not prepared for the unexpected and even some mysteries as her life unfolded. Preparedness fell far short of expectations.

About the Author:
My interest in Art and Writing began very early. It was as if I, too, was an Alice in Wonderland and fell down a rabbit hole, discovering a whole different world. I think Alice was onto something when she asked, "What is the point of a book without any pictures?" I pursued illustrating and writing in Illinois and continued in Santa Barbara, CA after locating here in 1978.

My mother's paternal family originated in Normandy, France and it was through them I became fascinated by my heritage and their homeland. The moment I set foot in Normandy, I knew a part of me belonged and would forever be with me. On my initial visit I talked with some Normans. I heard their personal stories and experiences, particularly during the years of World War 11. Thus, my book, Krista's Day: an Odyssey. is fiction founded on fact.

Krista's Day is an imaginative, fanciful biography that contains a solidly grounded plot and a cohesive logic to hold the reader's attention. This a serious literary effort -- there is a gentility and inspiring quality here. Recommended for its polished performance and absorbing story line.
- S. Judd, Chicago, IL

ISBN: 978-0-9891121-2-3

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