The Story of Santa Barbara’s Dolphin Fountain

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The Story of Santa Barbara's Dolphin Fountain by Bud Bottoms

"The Story of Santa Barbara's Dolphin Fountain" is the true account of how the famous fountain was conceived and then built, step by step. Filled with wonderful color photos taken throughout the process, sculptor Bud Bottoms also relates how the tremendous influence of the local Chumash Indians and their culture contributed to this endeavor. A beautiful keepsake book, "The Story of Santa Barbara's Dolphin Fountain" will have a special place in the historical documentation of this wonderful beach side community, of which the dolphin fountain is the central landmark.

James "Bud" Bottoms is an author, internationally famous sculptor, environmental activist, and native Californian who has lived in Santa Barbara since 1948. His children’s books, "Kid Ethics: From A to Z," "Kid Ethics 2: From A to Z," “Davey and the GOM (Giant Oil Monster)” and "Grandmother Mountain" are inspired by his desire to pass along his life experiences as an elder and as his responsibility being a part of the great web of existence. His newest book, "The Story of Santa Barbara's Dolphin Fountain," describes how the famous fountain came about -- from initial inspiration through the actual steps taken to build the sculpture itself. Before becoming a children’s book author, Bottoms was already internationally famous for his environmental activism during and after the 1969 Santa Barbara Channel oil blowout, and his sculptures in the form of fountains and monuments around the world. He has four actor sons: Timothy, Joseph, Samuel, and Benjamin.

Praise from John Ruiz, Chumash Elder, Santa Barbara, California
I first met Bud Bottoms in the early 80’s when he came to my mother’s house to talk to us about putting a dolphin fountain at the entrance to Stearns Wharf. From that day many of theChumash and the elders, including my mother Madeline Hall,supported Bud on the fountain project. He has gained our respectand has never said no when we ask him for something. This book tells the real story of how the dolphin fountain came to be and what it means.

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-4-5

Price: $19.95

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