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The Relevance of Reason: The Hard Facts and Real Data About the State of Current America - Society and Culture

About the Book:

The Facts of the Matter

Our country remains a remarkable, unparalleled, bountiful nation, but many Americans have become grumpy and entitled; mistrusting and cynical; exhausted and withdrawn. And certain aspects of American life have become both baffling and disappointing. There are many reasons for this, one being that we are a simply a large, diverse and complicated nation. Our citizens hold widely varying understandings about the nature and state of our country. Diluting both our sense of commonality and community, we hold widely varying perspectives due in large part to the reality that we have not had access to the “facts.”

We have tons of google-wiki information, about everything aspect of our American society and culture. However such information is too often scatter-presented with spin, bias and agenda, and the information is perceived through our own disparate filters such as those of age, gender, race, ethnicity, and experience. It is time for us to once again embrace our sense of perspective, our spirit, our confidence, and above all, our sense of humor.

Standing on a solid foundation of education and experience, author Mack W. Borgen, presents fascinating, unvarnished data. He doesn’t twist the facts, control the data, or push a position. Instead, he simply presents facts and data from a wide range of sources and allows us to determine what they mean. He suggests that having access to an objective and shared reality so that we can -- working together -- make a difference.

Borgen’s book is a treasure trove of solid, fun, and at times even fascinating information we, as a people, can put to good use.

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