The Power of Your Words and Actions

"The Power of Your Words and Actions" by Wayne Soares. This book contains a superb collection of true life experiences which relate to how our words and actions affect everything we do in life, as well as others around us. These inspiring stories are about important things in life that we sometimes lose sight of due to our busy schedules, like family, teamwork, character, leadership and humility.

"The Power of Your Words and Actions" captures the attention of readers with powerful examples of situations that happen in real life, and is a valuable tool for everyone--especially for families and today's youth.

Wayne Soares is a successful motivational speaker, television host, stand-up comedian and former ESPN sports commentator.  A frequent guest at the Basketball Hall of Fame's "MVP in Character" series, his humorous style, energy and passion are a favorite with his audiences. Wayne's appearances take him to the halls of the nation's most distinguished colleges (Harvard University, Williams College and the University of Notre Dame) and into some of the best schools in the country. After spending 6 seasons on the airwaves at ESPN Radio as a broadcaster, Wayne left to pursue an acting and TV career in Hollywood.  In 2006, he co-starred in a television pilot sports/comedy show for Fox Sports Net titled “Regular Joe’s” which was filmed in Los Angeles, CA. Wayne will begin filming and hosting his new TV show “The Everyday Fan” this fall at the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT.  He devotes his charitable time to the Maine & Massachusetts Special Olympics.

ISBN: 978-0-9795444-0-8

Price: $14.95


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