Lucky Me

Lucky Me
by Christi Dunlap

“Lucky Me”, narrated by a rescued dog named Rocky, provides a guide to children and parents looking to add an animal companion to their family. Illustrated with full color photographs by the author, Rocky and his friends walk us through what a humane society can offer to animals, and what every animal guardian should know about caring for and keeping their new family member safe.

“Lucky Me” is an important resource for elementary educators teaching compassion and responsibility skills to students or for those with children who are considering adding an animal to their family. Told in the voice of the adorable dog Rocky, this book teaches kids how to identify and react to animal feelings, what a pet needs to be a safe, happy part of a human family and the role of the humane society in helping animals find safe homes. It even has a pledge page so a child can formally agree to give food, water, shelter and love to their new animal friend! The crisp photos beautifully illustrate the book’s points and lovingly draw children into the world of joy that animals can bring to our families and lives.

Liliana Manzone, Elementary Educator and Learning Specialist

ISBN: 9780979544491

Price: $14.95

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