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Journey to Health by Cheryl Landress


From Creator Cheryl Landress:

My first year of college, I had an English teacher who gave the class a writing assignment as a final exam. That assignment was to go to a quiet place of our choosing, take out a pen and piece of paper, and truly reflect on ourselves. He asked that we just start writing and proceeded to tell us that we would discover new and insightful things about ourselves that we would have never suspected. Well, feeling at the time that I was very much in touch with my inner self, I felt like this would be a huge waste of my time. But nevertheless, I had to do the assignment.

I found myself perched on a huge rock bordering a slowly running creek, and began to write.  The experience was life-changing.  I’ve been writing in journals ever since, and refer back to them as life’s challenges present themselves. I forget the teacher’s name, and I never thanked him, but I still think of him today.

I wanted to create a library of journals specifically targeted to the “phases” of our lives to help organize these writings so they can be reflected back on, and even possibly passed on to friends and family. I hope that these journals help you and your loved ones figure out this thing we call life.

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