Gracie’s Orders

Gracie’s Orders is an emotional and inspiring story of one woman’s experience with infertility, miscarriage, fertility treatments, a sextuplet pregnancy, medical mistakes and the loss of three children, all in the time span of two years.
The book is written by Gracie Soldani, the namesake and proud mother of three surviving sextuplets, and Denise Huey Pang, a magazine and television journalist whose work has appeared in People, In Style, Marie Claire and “Dateline NBC”.


Gracie s Orders takes us through the beautiful and tragic events of Gracie s experiences; through the guilt, fear, anger, and the courage to overcome. It speaks loudly to all to reach deep into our own souls and fight for what we believe in. She reminds us that life is too precious not to live each and every second in the grace of the moment. To never underestimate the true gift of life. It is an inspiration to all parents; it will help us discover the strength we never knew we had. --Marc Dyson, President and CEO of Well Being Group

There have been many books on the joys of pregnancy, delivery, and parenthood. Gracie's Orders offers insight to the realities, both joyous and painful, of high risk pregnancies. Gracie and Brian Soldani love their children with all their hearts and you can feel the love for their children on each page. Gracie is also able to share her journey of grief, anger, and peace with the loss of her three angels. Those who read this story will find themselves joining Gracie in her joy, anger, grief, and love for her children. Gracie's Orders puts a voice to the fears and joys and allows the reader to have a glimpse into the peace that was found by the Soldani family. --Michelle E. Oliver, Developmental Specialist, Early Start Program

This book should be read by all women, whether they are fertility challenged, pregnant or plan on having children because I think that at some level we can all relate to Gracie's excitement, fear, anxiety and joy of motherhood. It takes you through an emotional roller coaster that is so touching and honest that you just want to reach out, give Gracie a hug and let her know that everything is going to be okay. Her story reminds us all that even in our darkest hours there is always hope. --Marina Ramon, Ph.D.

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