A Journey of Remembering

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A Journey of Remembering: While Seeking the Ultimate Love
by Nathan Whiting

This is a story of the author’s self-induced journey into and through hell on his way to finding and remembering a way “home” while stumbling upon the ultimate love which is unconditional in form. While preparing for this journey of remembering, he found himself conscience enough at times to realize and save the “gold nuggets” of spirituality he stumbled upon, hoping one day to share these with others. While the gold nuggets are spiritual in nature, it’s a raw variety or a “street spirituality.” Being a non-conformist and rebel at heart, he had to find some type of spirituality that would work for him and get him back on the path of re-membering what he is here for in the human form. This is a brutally honest (and sometimes graphic) retelling of that journey of recovery.
ISBN: 978-0-9824870-3-7

Price: $18.95

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