Life Test

by Jolinda Pizzirani
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We all wonder about what happens when you die. “Life Test” is a personal narrative of what is experienced once you pass from this life – or as the author calls it, “an afterlife primer.” Get a firsthand account of what happens next, with details that will provide plenty of incentives for your behavior while you are still among the living!

Almost everyone has a fear of death and has sometime in their life asked, what really happens when we die? Life Test gives you details of the life after death experience. The information was given to the author by her spirit guides and angels in a simple and comprehensive way. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get a head start on learning, before passing on, what is important in life so positive evolvement can begin.
– Cheri Harris, Author of “A Message from St. Francis”

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ISBN:  9780996373630

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Lucky Me

Lucky Me
by Christi Dunlap

“Lucky Me”, narrated by a rescued dog named Rocky, provides a guide to children and parents looking to add an animal companion to their family. Illustrated with full color photographs by the author, Rocky and his friends walk us through what a humane society can offer to animals, and what every animal guardian should know about caring for and keeping their new family member safe.

“Lucky Me” is an important resource for elementary educators teaching compassion and responsibility skills to students or for those with children who are considering adding an animal to their family. Told in the voice of the adorable dog Rocky, this book teaches kids how to identify and react to animal feelings, what a pet needs to be a safe, happy part of a human family and the role of the humane society in helping animals find safe homes. It even has a pledge page so a child can formally agree to give food, water, shelter and love to their new animal friend! The crisp photos beautifully illustrate the book’s points and lovingly draw children into the world of joy that animals can bring to our families and lives.

Liliana Manzone, Elementary Educator and Learning Specialist

ISBN: 9780979544491

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Mermaid Out of Water

Mermaid Out of Water
By Randy Gross

Mermaid Out of Water vividly chronicles the many obstacles faced by a mother and her teenaged daughter when an unimaginable tragedy occurs. Every mother discovers the normal day-to-day upheavals of parenting, but nothing could compare to the pain and suffering a mother experiences when her child becomes desperately ill. Giving up cannot be an option even when all the dreams a mother has for her child shatter and fall apart. Randy and Emily must learn together that beauty exists in every form and they would both need to face and embrace whatever life handed them.

ISBN: 978-0-9824870-6-8

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Noah’s Alphabet Garden

Today more than ever, it is essential for children to learn that our food originates not from the supermarket but from our gardens and farms. As Noah leads his friends down his alphabet garden path, they all come to recognize how important it is to nourish the garden by welcoming the insects, composting and mulching, and by celebrating, rejoicing in and appreciating all of the gifts that the garden has to offer. Children, parents and grandparents will discover Noah’s Alphabet Garden to be both whimsical and AmaZing!

Randy Arnowitz is a Southern California gardener, horticulturist and writer. He particularly enjoys working with roses, orchids and sharing the day with his golden retriever, Peaches who faithfully accompanies him in the field. He has written for the Santa Barbara News-Press, The Montecito Journal, The Santa Barbara Sentinel and is currently a garden contributor for the Santa Barbara Independent. His work has also appeared in The Whole Person Calendar, Edible Santa Barbara, The Montecito Journal Magazine and Weird N.J. Noah’s Alphabet Garden is his first book.

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OLD: Stories of Aging and Reflections on Caregiving

OLD: Stories of Aging and Reflections on Caregiving by Rich Grimes


If you wish to travel back in time and experience first-hand the lives of a group of most interesting seniors, then reading Old – Stories of Aging and Reflections on Caregiving is your ticket.  The individuals I interviewed share tales that provide descriptive historical references, personal struggles, good times and bad, and a humanity that will stir an emotional connection with the readers.  A chapter on caregiving acknowledges and celebrates those who devote their time and energy balancing the care of a loved one with their own needs.  A quick and colorful read, the contents will be of great interest to baby boomers, caregivers, or people at any stage of life.

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Our Journey with Food

Our Journey with Food by Tammera J. Karr PhD

“Our Journey with Food” chronicles the rapid rate of change in the food industry from the early 20th century to the present. Written in an engaging manner the book includes recipes, rare historical photos, and highlights from North American pioneers to present-day experts. A wonderful read and an excellent gift it provides a lively account of how we went from family farms to McDonald’s and beyond.


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Poems and Stories From the Lucky Life of Seymour Lehrer

Poems and Stories From the Lucky Life of Seymour Lehrer by Seymour Lehrer

This book “Poems and Stories from the Lucky Life of Seymour Lehrer” has taken up five precious years of time. and is why I have no free time. I find poetry to be an interesting and challenging subject. At times I get a spark, work on it off and on for months and years and finally get it right, or sometimes give it. up. These are my best Poems. The balance of the book are stories that I like, several are nonfiction.

Now some would say, “Seymour what in hell is so lucky about your life” Well I’ll tell ya, #1 I was lucky that I had people that taught me by example what not to do, kind of weird but better than nothing. I had a few positive examples of what to do. I met my Shirley, that was lucky, her family taught me what it means to be a good husband and father and what it takes to be a business owner. #2 I was lucky that we had two good kids that most of the time were not giving us gut aches’, they married good guys that we love, even though they all moved here. #3 That my business that was going broke decided it wasn’t. As a matter of fact it learned how to be a success. #4 That by and large we haven’t had much in the way of health problems, except for an occasional hiccup. And #5, that we moved and love it in Santa Barbara: a paradise. If that ain’t enough good luck, you tell me.

ISBN: 9780989112130


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Practical Theories & Formulas for Engineering, Physics and Math

“Practical Theories & Formulas for Engineering, Physics and Math” by Jorgen Andersson has been called “four years of engineering college in one book.” With this book, you have knowledge and education at your fingertips to inspire you. During your educational studies, you may find the short examples with graphs helpful. If you have already finished your education, this book is a “one of a kind resource” to fall back on. Enhance your knowledge by rediscovering the creativity in mathematics and its applications.

ISBN: 0-9794863-5-1

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Promises Kept

“Promises Kept” by Rick Farren is the story of Garrett Burns, a young homeless man caught in the unrelenting grip of his addiction. The story profiles his struggle and sacrifices attempting to overcome his demons. Garrett’s life had spiraled out of control since becoming estranged with his father and leaving home during his teenage years causing him to bounce from back alleys, to rooming houses and shelters.

Although set in the 1970’s it is a contemporary story portraying the troubles of our society while demonstrating the resilience and resourcefulness of the individual soul. Inspired by an unlikely minister, the prospects of a steady paycheck, and an introspective young woman, Garrett perseveres to find himself and conquer his demons while at the same time attempting

ISBN: 978-0-9795444-5-3

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Psychic Princess

Psychic Princess: Admirable Avocation by Jolinda Pizzirani

is the story of a young woman with psychic abilities who unwillingly gets involved in solving various crimes. Daniella Luisa Celestina Speranza, or “Danni” as her friends call her, was content living with her menagerie of cats, dogs and a turtle while working on her sculptures and nurturing her creative side. She didn’t mention to people that she was psychic, having learned the hard way that most would only think she was crazy. But one person she confided in was her good friend, Peggy, who convinces her to use her capabilities to help find a rich couple’s daughter that is missing without a clue. Danni reluctantly agrees to try her best, unsure if she will help — or hinder — the investigation.

ISBN: 978-0972871624

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