Dakota’s Window

Dakota’s Window
by Susan Infield


Dakota is a sweet dog who waits patiently at the animal shelter for a family who will adopt her so she can finally have her forever home.  She hears she is too small, too big or too old and begins to think her dream of being adopted will never happen.  Dakota has lots of love to give if only the right family will come along and make her part of their family.

A family is looking for a perfect dog to adopt. They search animal shelters to find their special dog. Will Dakota and the family find each other?

Told from a child’s perspective “Dakota’s Window” is a story of love, hope and never giving up on your dreams. For any family looking for a dog “Dakota’s Window” shows us the journey to love is worth the trip.

Susan is donating a part of her royalties to a 100% Volunteer Animal Rescue Group.

Price: $17.99

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Davey and The GOM (Giant Oil Monster)

“Davey and The GOM (Giant Oil Monster)” by James “Bud” Bottoms. The author of the “Kid Ethics” books now brings us a beautifully illustrated story about a young boy’s efforts to overcome the fearful Giant Oil Monster and save the environment along with his animal and ocean friends. This book will be an inspiration to all young children who share a concern about keeping our world clean and fighting for what is right.

Bud Bottoms is a world renowned sculptor, and father to four actor sons.  He was interviewed by and his interviews can be found here:

ISBN: 978-0-9795444-1-5

Price: $14.95

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Eat Well With Diabetes

Eat Well With Diabetes / Comer Bien con Diabetes (Written in English and Spanish) by Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

The recipes presented in this diabetes-friendly cookbook offer a variety of lower carbohydrate recipes that enhance variety, texture, color and flavor that can be included in an eating plan not only appropriate for people with diabetes, but also for anyone looking for a healthy and nutritious approach to eating. The emphasis of this cookbook is a reduced-carbohydrate, but not a reduced taste, approach to eating that does not sacrifice the enjoyment of delicious and nutritious foods.

ISBN: 978-0-9824870-5-1

Price: $24.95

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Eliza’s Wish

“Eliza’s Wish” is the third book in the Dickey Denton series. It’s the story of Dickey Denton and the mystery he and his friends uncover at Rocky Neck Lighthouse and the Josiah Wheeler mansion. Spurned on by his vivid imagination and his need to discover the truth about the woman who walks the widow’s walk, he seeks guidance from his grandfather.

Reluctant at first to give in to Dickey’s wishes, Grandpa eventually relents and suggests he seek advice from the spirit of his great-great-grandmother, Eliza Tuffett. Unsure of what to expect, he summons up his courage and decides to risk it.

With the help of his friends, they embark on the adventure and their curiosity takes them back to Rocky Neck Lighthouse and to the haunted Josiah Wheeler mansion on a mysterious journey they’ll never forget.

ISBN: 0-9794863-8-6

Price: $14.95

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Eyes of the Soul

Eyes of the Soul
by Karen Esposito

Jack always longed to lift the physical world’s veil of illusion and peer into the reality behind it. His journey, in the afterlife, provides answers to his lifelong quest for forgotten truths. Traversing two worlds with the guidance of a mysterious angel transforms Jack by replacint the ego’s vision, with that of the soul’s. He gains an elevated perspective through releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with liberating insights. The world, and his path, are seen in a magical, new way.

About the Author:
Karen Esposito read her poem, What was not Seen on September 11th, at the first 9/11 memorial. Her Columbine poem, A Cry for Help in Columbine, was published in The Denver Catholic Register. She has now turned her capability for healing words into a novel. Karen is a second degree Reiki master. She has a career in the travel industry and lives in New York City.

“Karen Esposito addresses the needs of contemporary seekers in this inspirational book. She gives us practical tools with which we can gather spiritual knowledge.”
-Barbara Biziou, author of The Joys of Everyday Ritual and The Joys of Family Rituals

“This is a must read! Karen’s grasp of spirituality is comprehensive and inspiring. I encourage you to embark upon this awesome journey. You’ll feel enlightened, elevated, and entertained!”
-Louisiana Zinn, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-9-0

Price: $17.95

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Falling in Love With the Fiddle

James C.  Boyce is an instrument maker and repairman who gives his personal advice on the purchase and care of a fiddle, and includes his observations on the mystique of the instrument. This book relates how he fell in love with the fiddle, learned to play it, and began to teach others to play it.

“Falling in Love With the Fiddle” is designed for people who never learned to read music, and also for those who do read music but want to get “off the page” and play music by ear.

This book contains an aural learning program for the beginning fiddler, teaching how to hold the fiddle and bow, and to play the sounds that you hear. The AudioTab CD will help you learn how to tune the fiddle, and how to play three simple tunes on it. Ultimately, the book and CD will help you learn to play the “sounds” of the fiddle.

ISBN: 978-0-9794863-3-3

Price: $19.95

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Girlfriend…let me remind you

Girlfriend…let me remind you
By Jennifer Hill

Girlfriend…let me remind you is a wonderful pocket size devotional that will life your spirits. Each page shares the author Jennifer Hill’s passion for the gospel and her desire to bring comfort to others.

Jennifer donates 6% of her book proceeds to:

Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter
P.O. Box 914
Aurora, CO 80040

ISBN: 978-0-9905886-4-1

Price: $9.95

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Giving Birth to My Parents

Giving Birth to my Parents by Lorrie Caplan-Shern

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

A Timely Book for Baby Boomers …(or anyone with aging parents)

Giving Birth to My Parents is a timely book written for the men and women of the Baby Boomer generation by one of their own. Part memoir, part life coaching manual, Giving Birth to My   Parents offers a road map to the people of every generation. Its pages offer guidance on how to lovingly and compassionately deal with the sometimes challenging, but ultimately worthwhile, experience of creating and maintaining a loving and respectful bond with aging parents. The suggestions and honest situations in this book also enable aging parents to better appreciate and respect their adult children.

This book offers men and women of the Baby Boomer generation straight-forward, life coaching advice on how to deepen and transform their relationships with their elderly parents, co-creating strong bonds of love and respect.

Click here to view the Longmont Magazine featuring Giving Birth to My Parents.

Click here to listen to Lorrie’s radio interview on Radio Colorado Network.

Click here to listen to Lorrie’s radio interview with Paula Horan.

Click here to view an article titled “Senior Moments of Life, Love and Wisdom” by Bernard Otis

Visit author Lorrie Caplan-Shern’s blog here:

ISBN: 978-0-9837923-0-7

Price: $14.95

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Gracie’s Orders

Gracie’s Orders is an emotional and inspiring story of one woman’s experience with infertility, miscarriage, fertility treatments, a sextuplet pregnancy, medical mistakes and the loss of three children, all in the time span of two years.
The book is written by Gracie Soldani, the namesake and proud mother of three surviving sextuplets, and Denise Huey Pang, a magazine and television journalist whose work has appeared in People, In Style, Marie Claire and “Dateline NBC”.


ISBN: 978-0-9795444-4-6

Old Price: $19.95

Price: $1.99

You save: $17.96

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Grandmother Mountain

Grandmother Mountain by James “Bud” Bottoms

Her name is Grandmother Mountain, and all the critters who live there are her family, and she is their home. A heartwarming story of nature’s resilience after intrusive destruction.

ISBN: 978-0-9824870-9-9

Price: $19.95

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