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We are very proud of our family of wonderful authors and their books that serve to inspire and help others. As you will see from our booklist, we have published books in a variety of genres, from children’s literature to mathematical instruction to nature in photographs and more. Each book is a labor of love and it has been our pleasure to work with the authors, enabling them to share their words with the world.

Have you written a book that will help to make the world a better place?  If so, we at Summerland Publishing may be interested in assisting you with bringing your good words to the public. Please review the PDF document shown below, then email us if you are interested in proceeding with Summerland Publishing.

Information for Potential New Authors (pdf)

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Praise from Authors about working with Summerland Publishing:

“I so much appreciate all you have and continue to do in support of my writing endeavors. Your skills, initiative, follow through, time, extraordinary work habits, kind and gentle nature, and your affirming demeanor all add up to a very wonderful woman. I, and all your authors, are truly blessed.”

-Rich Grimes, Author of “Angel in my Backpack”

For several years I went through the long, agonizing process of contacting large publishers with my stories, resulting in the usual cold rejection slips. Then I contacted Summerland Publishing who is small, receptive, and encouraging. In two years, they have published three of my children’s books. It’s been so great to see my stories in print and on the shelves of bookstores.

- James “Bud” Bottoms, Author of the “Kid Ethics” series, and “Davey and the Giant Oil Monster”

Being Summerland Publishing’s first published author is a badge of honor. Throughout my dealings with you, I have been met with nothing less than absolute professionalism, consisting of efficiency, flexibility, knowledge, punctuality, dependability, and understanding.

I cannot possibly overrate the level of service I have received from your publishing company. I highly recommend any author who is looking to contribute to a better quality world, to look no further in regard to publishing options.

– Rona E. Jackson, Author of “Alphabetize Your Life”

Without your guidance and caring way, the book that I wrote would never have been published. You certainly are trying to make the world a “better place”. I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

– Nancy Lee, Author of “Hoover’s Summer Tale”

I have been working with the creator of Summerland Publishing for more than twelve years on a daily basis. She has always been an inspiration to me during all those years for written matter as well as a good friend. I was excited to learn that she was writing some books to make the world a better place. This eventually led to the foundation of Summerland Publishing.

I have been active in the field of engineering since the mid ’80′s and collected a lot of information that could be shared with others to help them in their daily works and studies. In a conversation with Summerland Publishing, it was clear to me that I could create a book from this material.

Summerland Publishing made the creation of the book a pleasure. The commitment and inspiration that Summerland Publishing shares with the people they work with makes you feel that it is just plain fun to create and share with others.

Thank you Summerland Publishing!

- Jorgen Andersson, author of “Practical Theories & Formulas for Engineering. Physics & Math”

A shared philosophy led me to Summerland Publishing. The open, caring communication and professionalism at Summerland Publishing serve to enhance that philosophy on a daily basis. I truly feel that together both Summerland Publishing and I can help “make the world a better place.”

- Leanna Burns, author of “From A to Z: Feed Your Soul and Lose the Weight,””Soul Beautiful, Naturally,” “Living the Soul Dolce Vita,” and “Soul Wishes.”

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