Meet the Authors

Jörgen Anderson was born and raised in Sweden, and received his Masters from University of Lund. During his last 15 years Jorgen has lived in California with his family and enjoyed shaping one of the technical companies in Silicon Valley.His book is written with 20 years experience designing mechanics and electronics into commercial products. Jorgen shows the math behind the design process, and explains how it is used. If you design, or just want to learn more, his unique book, Practical Theories & Formulas for Engineering, Physics, and Math, will inspire you.
Arniotis Kristin and John Arniotis live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kristin is the author of the book, I Have Autism…And That’s Okay!, and John was the illustrator.When their son, Billy, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 there were many unanswered questions and a great deal of uncertainty. What they discovered is that rather than focus on that uncertainty they could focus on the certainties. Like every child, Billy liked to run. He liked to draw pictures. Billy had autism, and, for them, that was okay.John, a Native of East Rockaway, NY, is a Consultant for a mortgage company. John enjoys snowboarding, camping, fishing and spending time with his sons and family. Kristin was raised in Philadelphia and is a stay at home Mom to their four sons Billy, Nicky, Jake and Anthony. Kristin enjoys spending time with family and has always enjoyed writing. Making a Difference
Borgen Mack W. Borgen is a native of Montana and was raised in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest.He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with Honors in Economics where a number of years ago he there delivered — “silly in my certainties” one of the last University-wide Commencement Addresses.He then attended and graduated from Harvard Law School and later served more than four years in the US Army.In 2008 he partly withdrew from both business and his law practice in order to finally devote himself to the writing of this series of books about the current American condition and about how we, as a country, can do better.The author lives with his wife and son in Santa Barbara, California and Bigfork, Montana.His first two books have won multiple national awards including First Runner-Up – Best Business Book of the Year at the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival (The Relevance of Reason – Business and Politics) and Both Books -Finalists in their respective categories (Political Science and Popular Culture) at ForeWord Review’s National Book Contest.
His website is
Bud Bottoms James “Bud” Bottoms is a native Californian who lives in Santa Barbara by the sea, where he has spent his life swimming and diving. He is an author and sculpter. His art education began at Jefferson Machamer School of Art in Santa Monica from 1947-48 and continued at the University of California-Santa Barbara from 1948-52. He worked for many years as an art director for GE’s think tank TEMPO, but after a powerful dream he had in 1978 of a woman with a dolphin, he was inspired to sculpt and to commit his life to marine mammal awareness and protection.Bottoms is internationally known for his fountains and monuments in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Toba City, Japan; and Dingle, Ireland. Nationally, they can be found in Los Angeles, at the Shriner’s Hospital for Crippled Children; the Long Beach Aquarium; Monterey Plaza Hotel; Malibu’s Michael Landon Park; Oahu, Hawaii, and as Santa Barbara’s ocean-front landmark. Find out more about Bud at
JamesBoycePic James C. Boyce is a luthier who has been building and repairing instruments since 1965.He started playing guitar at age 11, and played guitar and mandolin in various bands since he was a teenager. He fell in love with “fiddle music” in 1976, and took up playing the fiddle at the age of 35He started teaching beginning fiddling two years later, eventually developing his method into a course at the local night school. He added a second fiddle course, inviting “local masters” to teach fiddle songs to more advanced students.He was a founder of the Woods Hole Folk Music Society in 1972. From 1996 to 1999 he produced “Fiddlin’ in Falmouth”, a live musical variety local TV show featuring local musicians from the Falmouth Area. In 1998, he started the Falmouth Fiddlers Association, and the Cape Cod Fiddle ContestsHe lives and works in North Falmouth, Massachusetts.
lorrieBW Lorrie Caplan-Shern Lorrie Caplan-Shern is a force of nature that inspires and uplifts people’s lives wherever she goes. She truly loves life. Her professional life and creative passions have often crossed paths in her twenty years as an Intuitive Life Coach as she helps others find their purpose and guides them to live a full and loving life. She discovered her own deeply creative abilities at mid-life and, in addition to being an author, has become a visual artist working in abstract watercolors and acrylics. She is also songwriter and playwright.
Currently Lorrie is co-writing pop songs and a song called Yesterdays News, co-written with Lee Johnson, placed in the top three songs at the 2012 Durango Songwriter Expo. You can hear this song and others by Lorrie at
While writing Giving Birth To My Parents (, Lorrie realized that she was incredibly lucky to have the childhood and upbringing she experienced. Her next book to be published by Summerland Publishing is entitled How to Have A Sacred Marriage & Eleven Boyfriends. It’s about celebrating marriage through honesty, integrity and humor. Making a Difference
Lorrie Caplan-Shern has been married to her partner, Food Stylist Stephen Shern, for 30 years. All of what she does is dedicated to her beloved husband. For more information visit
Crawford Lori Crawford lives in Santa Barbara, California and has a private counseling practice dedicated to helping others to live happier, more productive lives.
Gary Delanoeye Gary Delanoeye is a career educator. His first teaching job was at a private elementary school where he appeared for work the first day with two broken arms. But this job was not a good fit for Gary, nor Gary for it. Gary relocated to accept a job at a residential treatment facility that included a school program for high school-age kids with academic and emotional challenges. And this was a better fit and also a well-timed one; Special education legislation had just been passed. Gary went back to school to earn special education and administrative credentials.
And yes… Gary has had a lot of experience with “at risk” adolescents and has learned so much from them and from his colleagues who have stepped up to the plate to teach them too.
During these experiences, Gary has delivered many conference presentations on at-risk students, special education topics, cooperative learning and the things educators can do to help such students succeed. He has also been faculty in Graduate Credential, Special Education and Master’s Degree programs.
Gary completed his Ed.D. degree in 2006. Currently, he supervises student teachers and teaches educational research courses in a Master of Arts Degree program. Gary is a volunteer naturalist and enjoys leading interpretive hikes on the Channel Islands. He also does photo identification of whales as a volunteer on local whale watching boats.
Gary has enjoyed living on the California Coast with his dear wife and their occasional collection of cats, bunnies and… an iguana!
Gary says, ” ‘Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel’ turned out to be a very reflective piece of fiction. The perspective of time and experience has enabled me to look at challenging students differently, perhaps more holistically.” Making a Difference
Dunlap Christi Drue Dunlap lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, daughter, two dogs and two cats, all of whom are pictured in her book. Christi is a life long animal lover whose interest in advocacy and education were ignited when she joined the Animal Kindness Club in the fourth grade. She never looked back, and has always maintained an interest in helping animals.Christi and her dog, Rocky the Pug, volunteer together through the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA’s humane education program, visiting grade schools throughout the county to educate children about the needs and safety of companion animals. A portion of her book, Lucky Me, will be donated to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA.
KarenPhoto Karen Esposito read her poem, What was not Seen on September 11th, at the first 9/11 memorial. Her Columbine poem, A Cry for Help in Columbine, was published in The Denver Catholic Register. She has now turned her capability for healing words into a novel. Karen is a second degree Reiki master. She has a career in the travel industry and lives in New York City.
Farren Rick Farren was born in 1939 in Boston, Massachusetts.
As a young boy he and his family moved to Westchester County in New York, where he spent most of his childhood living on a farm.Rick’s lifelong love of reading was influenced by poetry from, “A Child’s Garden of Verses,” western novels by Zane Gray, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and stories of pirates on the high seas.Rick served in the US Air force in San Antonio Texas where he met his wife, Ann. Rick spent his career in the Banking and Financial Services industry and earned a Banking certificate from Brown University. His books include Grandpa and the Pirate, Promises Kept, Eliza’s Wish, and The Secret of the Lighthouse. Rick passed away in 2011.
 PatsyGarlan Patsy Garlan has published poetry, personal essays, syllabuses for drama students, and, with co-author Maryjane Dunstan, two college texts about the future (Prentice Hall), and two children’s books set in Burma (The Viking Press), where she lived for a year with her then husband and their four children. Making a Difference
Rich Grimes Rich Grimes is a retired high school principal who devotes much of his time to researching and writing – endeavors he greatly enjoys. He conducts writing workshops to encourage, teach, and support aspiring authors.  Also, utilizing his exceptional oratorical skills and sense of humor, he conducts storytelling – reading books and poetry to elementary school children who respond enthusiastically to his wit and wisdom. Serving mankind and animals is a priority evidenced by his participation as a hospice, youth, and feline volunteer.  Recently he was hired to coach girls’ basketball at Foothill Technical High School in the Ventura USD.

Rich has authored six published books including Classroom Under Construction, Angel in my BackpackOld – Stories of Aging and Reflections on Caregiving, Cat Speak (recently released) and two children’s works, Animal Friends and Heather and Buddy Go to School which contain brilliant images created by talented illustrator, Cathy Quiel.  Rich’s writing reflects an interest in diverse topics in both fiction and non-fiction genres with one common component; all are works of “heart”.

Two more children’s books are in the works to complete the Heather and Buddy trilogy. Heather and Buddy Go to the Zoo is next and due for publication in 2018.  Rich is blessed with two beautiful, grown daughters, and four adorable grandchildren.  More information about his books can be found at

 randyGrossPic Randy Gross was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956. After living in Israel, Denver, and Los Angeles she eventually found home in Santa Barbara, Ca. where she lives with her husband and their five children. She has been a veterinary technician, a surgical nurse and now a writer. Mermaid Out of Water was her first book.It was a challenge for the whole family when their daughter started to rebel, taking drugs and acting out. Life became so hard that Randy’s marriage nearly fell apart. Sending her out to the wilderness became the only option. Would her family ever forgive her? Would she forgive herself? Could they forget about the past and be there for her during her most difficult time?Mermaid Out of Water is a true documentation that hope is always within reach, even when circumstances seem to prove that there is only hopelessness. Patience is the hardest to acquire, but if you can wait, it will be worth it.
Cheri Harris Two decades ago Cheri Harris visited a psychic who told her she would be writing a book. She was shocked at the prediction, not believing that she had the desire or the capability to write. However the prediction ultimately proved to be true when she began channeling information from St. Francis and, following his instructions, wrote the book, A Message from St. Francis, to share his insights with others.Cheri has resided in Northern Italy for the last eighteen years and speaks fluent Italian. She leads spiritual tours in Italy to St. Francis’ most beloved places. For more information visit:
Jennifer Hill Jennifer Hill is a professional health care executive focusing on improving the quality of life for all. While advocating for others for over two decades in the health care arena, Jennifer’s passion is to spread the word of the gospel. Jennifer is an outgoing evangelist who provides spiritual sermons to several nursing facilities all across Colorado is described as ” the epitome of a true humanitarian.”
Jennifer’s philosophy:
With God all things are possible.Jennifer donates 6% of her book proceeds to:
Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter
P.O. Box 914
Aurora, CO 80040
Jennifer’s words are so amazing! She is the most energetic and spiritual woman I know. ~Lilli Garcia, LPN. Colorado
Jennifer is prolific and insightful in this breath of fresh air read. Jennifer offers a unique and down to earth perspective on handling life’s curve balls! ~Felisa Jack, Social Work Assistant Colorado
To know Jennifer is to love her. She is not only a great friend but an awesome spiritual sister. ~Kathy Davis, HostHome Provider Making a Difference
CherylLandress2 Cheryl Landress
My first year of college, I had an English teacher who gave the class a writing assignment as a final exam. That assignment was to go to a quiet place of our choosing, take out a pen and piece of paper, and truly reflect on ourselves. He asked that we just start writing and proceeded to tell us that we would discover new and insightful things about ourselves that we would have never suspected. Well, feeling at the time that I was very much in touch with my inner self, I felt like this would be a huge waste of my time. But nevertheless, I had to do the assignment.I found myself perched on a huge rock bordering a slowly running creek, and began to write. After two hours — which seemed like a few minutes — I stopped, put down my pencil and…wow! I was stunned at where my writing had taken me. The experience was life-changing. I’ve been writing in journals ever since, and refer back to them as life’s challenges present themselves. I forget the teacher’s name, and I never thanked him, but I still think of him today.
Sharon Mendes Sharon Mendes
When Sharon was in the second grade her teacher read “Brighty of the Grand Canyon,” by Marguerite Henry. That became her favorite book, and the inspiration to start writing stories about her favorite subject, horses.
In 1974 Sharon graduated from nursing school, and was finally able to buy her first horse, a dappled gray Quarter horse named Pippin.In addition to working as an RN for almost thirty years, she has owned and trained many horses. She is a co-founder of a 4H riding club named the Bourne Equestrians, and has taught children in the community to ride. She became a certified riding instructor and spent ten years as a competitive barrel racer.
Sharon has kept a daily journal for years. She has recorded the adventures she and her husband John and daughter Jessica have had with the ponies and horses on their small farm in Pocasset, Massachusetts. They all share a fascination with how the different animals interact with each other. Her first book,” Bravo and Glee of Cape Cod”, is based on her black Thoroughbred race horse, and white Shetland pony. Her Laura Lee Farm book collection also includes ” Who is Bella?”, the story of a new puppy that comes to the farm, and “Crossing Laura Lee Farm”, the story of a snapping turtle that must cross the paddock so she can lay her eggs in the lake close by.
Sharon has recently joined Peace for Ponies, a local organization that helps rescue abused and neglected horses. A portion of the proceeds of her newest book, “Ryan, A Horse’s Tale”, will be donated to them. For information about her charity, go to for ponies, or like us on Facebook. Making a Difference
ChristinaPages Christina Pages developed her love of nature in the fields of Kent, England, where she grew up with her three older sisters. When she married, she came to North America to live, had four children, and began her studies in literature and poetry. She received her doctorate in English from the University of South Carolina in 1993, where she studied under James Dickey, the poet. In 1996, she moved to Ojai, California, and for the last four years has been teaching composition, literature and poetry at California State University Channel Islands. Thus far, she has published literary articles and collections of poetry. “The Mountain Boy” is her first “exhilarating experience” with a children’s story.
Jolinda Pizzirani Jolinda Pizzirani, author of “Soul Survivor,” “Inspirations” and “Angel Words,” hopes that the messages put forth in her books may help readers better understand the purpose of this wonderful life we are given. Her lifelong study of spiritual philosophy and metaphysics has been the backbone of the beliefs she shares with others in the hope of helping to make the world a better place.
Tom and Susan Tom Shepherd has been an organic farmer since 1973 in the Santa Barbara, California area. Tom grows vegetables and herbs, fruit trees and table grapes. He teaches about organic farming to area school children and students at UCSB. He provides food to local residents through farmers markets, CSAs, restaurants and for the local school program. Tom invented many solar machines that make farming easy, like his solar salad spinner. Tom is passionate about growing organically and about the benefits of eating organically. He is a true artist in the field and anyone who eats one of his strawberries knows this. Learn more at Making a Difference
Susan LeVine is an accomplished writer and artist. She has been a licensed artist for Recycled Paper Greetings since 1998 and has illustrated book covers and other things. Susan is most known for her company, Uccellino, a company that sells inspirational products like Guide Birds, Spheres of Wonder and Message boxes. Susan is a passionate bird lover and paints birds and sells them in local Santa Barbara galleries as well as a plein aire artist.Susan is happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Tom and make his dream of creating a book to inspire children to grow things a reality. Her website is Making a Difference
Roger Simpson was born in a manger, actually a large and sturdy cardboard box filled with straw in an alley next to the main L.A. railroad station.  He never knew his parents because he heard it whispered that the birth was divine and his parents were forced to live under cover of darkness.  As you can read, Roger is a humorist, educator, and author who lives with his wife in a California town by the sea. Learn more at
SoaresPic Wayne Soares is an actor, author and inspirational speaker.  He is a highly acclaimed anti-bullying crusader and his message has impacted thousands of youth across the country.  Wayne was featured in the comedy The Curse of Don Scarducci with Alec Baldwin and recently won a major role in the sci-fi thriller Tobacco Jack.  He continues a personal mission of entertaining our troops around the Globe. His website is
NateWhiting Nathan Whiting invites you to join his journey of remembering as he writes of his difficult path to overcome alcohol and drug dependence. He is a non-conformist and rebel at heart who chose to share the “nuggets” he gathered on his way to finding recovery. His first book, A Journey of Remembering, is a raw, honest look at the struggle to recovery.
Zachary Wolinsky Zachary Wolinsky is an alumnus of the University of California Santa Cruz and has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. He is a member and worker-owner of Pedalers Express and Santa Cruz Pedicab; the former a non-motorized bicycle courier cooperative, the latter a pedal-powered bicycle taxi service for Santa Cruz and surrounding areas.Additionally, he works at the Aptos Farmers Market managing the booth for Three Americas, Inc., a non-profit benefit corporation established to fund projects promoting a better quality of life in the Western hemisphere through the sale of organic, fair-trade, and shade grown coffee. When he is not riding his bike or brewing coffee, he’s cooking at home, growing a garden, and playing music. His book, Dad’s Home Cooking, is a tribute to his father, Lawrence, who inspired his children to write this collection of family recipes that sustained them during their formative years.