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Stories That Make a Difference

  • Stories That Make a Difference by Wayne Soares
  • M5PFrontCvrMy 5th Passport by Leanna Burns

Ryan CvrFront

  • Ryan: A Horse’s Tale by Sharon Mendes
  • Coach Mom and/or Dad (tentative title) by Mike Moropoulos

This book has already been revised. Originally it was intended as a book for kids and coaches of youth football; I got the first part right but whiffed on the second one. The more I investigated and the more I wrote, the more educated I became about coaching at that level and finally reached an enlightened conclusion: we have one of the greatest resources of coaches at our disposal. Some of the best teachers of youth football might live in the homes of the players.

Yep. Mom, Dad, big brothers – and sisters. Now my goal now is to encourage family to take over the “other” aspects of coaching football. And no, to understand the spread offense or the zone blitz will not be expected, but to understand and teach kids about work ethic and dealing with adversity – absolutely. The other part of the game. That was my motivation, to ensure that our kids were being exposed to those most important aspects of playing football. Use our book, yours and mine, our football coaching text book for “Coach Mom” and “Coach Dad,” no “X’s” and “O’s,” just “do’s” and “don’ts.”

  • ‘Old’ – Stories of Aging by Rich Grimes
  • Parent Coach (tentative title) by Mike Moropoulos
  • A Party for Porky by Sharon Mendes


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