Book Genre: For Kids

Dakota’s Window

Dakota’s Window by Susan Infield Description: Dakota is a sweet dog who waits patiently at the animal shelter for a family who will adopt her so she can finally have her forever home.  She hears she is too small, too big or … Continue reading

I Have Autism and That’s Okay

I Have Autism and That’s Okay by Kristin Arniotis; illustrated by John Arniotis Description: Autism is a scary word. Let’s face it. We don’t know where it comes from and there is currently no “cure.”  As parents, we want to have all of … Continue reading

Angel in my Backpack

Angel in my Backpack by Rich Grimes Drawing from a memory of over thirty years in education as both a teacher and administrator, the research for this book revisited in a strikingly clear way the many encounters in which the author … Continue reading

A Handbook for Citizen Farmers

A Handbook for Citizen Farmers by Susan LeVine and Tom Shepherd Many years ago, every citizen had a garden. Today, some of us are too busy or don’t know how to grow a garden. So, how do you make a … Continue reading

Bravo and Glee of Cape Cod

Bravo and Glee of Cape Cod by Sharon Lee Mendes ISBN: 978-0-9824870–8-2 This is a barn cat’s story of his friend, Bravo, who is a famous racehorse. Bravo had to retire early from the track, and now he works with … Continue reading

Tid Bits

Tid Bits by Gina La Monica, Ed.D. Tid Bits is an easy to read picture book of 26 healthy snacks for children. Parents can prepare these snacks in less than 5 minutes. There is even a grocery list at the … Continue reading

The Big Game

The Big Game by Wayne Soares Illustrated by: Stacey Houghton “The Big Game” is a wonderful book about how a young boy’s dream turns into reality as he readies himself for his team’s championship game. Tommy’s ability to perform well … Continue reading

Kid Ethics: From A to Z

“Kid Ethics” by James “Bud” Bottoms. Much like learning the alphabet, children should be exposed to the formal education of ethics at a very early age to help them socialize in appropriate and respectful ways. Childhood is a time when … Continue reading

Kid Ethics 2 from A to Z

Read the recent great article published by “Not Born Yesterday” Magazine about Bud and why he writes books teaching ethics to kids! Message from Bud Bottoms, the Author: As a sculptor, much of my time is spent detailing a model … Continue reading

Davey and The GOM (Giant Oil Monster)

“Davey and The GOM (Giant Oil Monster)” by James “Bud” Bottoms. The author of the “Kid Ethics” books now brings us a beautifully illustrated story about a young boy’s efforts to overcome the fearful Giant Oil Monster and save the … Continue reading

Are You A Good Sport?

“Are You A Good Sport?” provides kids with key aspects of sportsmanship and character by using illustrations andrhymes. In a society that constantly stresses winning, “Are You A Good Sport?” allows children to see that enjoying athletics, being a team … Continue reading

Grandpa and the Pirate

“Grandpa and the Pirate” is a captivating story about a boy and his grandfather who are stranded on a deserted island. The young boy learns valuable lessons about life and survival, and at the same time is fascinated with his … Continue reading

The Secret of the Lighthouse

“The Secret of the Lighthouse” by Rick Farren (a sequel to “Grandpa and the Pirate”) is the tale of 11-year-old Dickey Denton and the secret he uncovers at Rocky Neck Lighthouse. From his Grandpa, Dickey learns the story of a … Continue reading

The Mountain Boy

“The Mountain Boy” is a wonderful children’s story about a young boy and his love of nature. The first in a series of books by author Christina Pagés, this book has lovely illustrations painted by artist Jeannette Caruth which enrich … Continue reading

Eliza’s Wish

“Eliza’s Wish” is the third book in the Dickey Denton series. It’s the story of Dickey Denton and the mystery he and his friends uncover at Rocky Neck Lighthouse and the Josiah Wheeler mansion. Spurned on by his vivid imagination … Continue reading

Hoover’s Summer Tale

“Hoover’s Summer Tale” is a delightful children’s story. Hoover is a special guest who brings joy to the mother and daughter whose lovely garden he visits every day. Parents and grandparents alike will have just as much fun reading this … Continue reading

Hoover’s Funny Little Kids

If you and your children enjoyed reading about Hoover’s adventures on Cape Cod two years ago (“Hoover’s Summer Tale”), you will certainly enjoy reading about all of the comical adventures that “Hoover’s Funny Little Kids” had this past year. They … Continue reading

Baby Chipmunks and Backyard Friends

Nancy Lee, the author of “Hoover’s Summer Tale” and “Hoover’s Funny Little Kids” now brings you “Baby Chipmunks and Backyard Friends.” After introducing us to Hoover, a chipmunk who reminded the author of a tiny vacuum cleaner as he devoured … Continue reading

A Chipmunk House

Enjoy the latest adventures of the chipmunks in this fourth book in a series by Nancy Lee! The stories are purposely told in a light-hearted, funny manner. As adults, we all know that a lot of “bad things happen to … Continue reading

How the Caterpillar Got Its Wings

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