From A to Z: Feed Your Soul and Lose the Weight

Feed Your Soul and Lose the Weight

“From A to Z: Feed Your Soul and Lose the Weight” by Leanna Burns Wow! All a person has to do is to toss a few crumbs to the old soul and then sit back and watch the pounds disappear, right? If it were that easy, no one would be overweight and no one would be buying this book.
This book is about bringing the physical and the metaphysical together. To feed each one the nourishment it needs so neither is neglected. The physical is your body, which in this case may have been overfed and under exercised, which certainly qualifies as neglect.
The metaphysical is your soul. If you never recognize it, then you have been underfeeding it and neglecting it. The purpose of this book is to feed both the proper nourishment in the proper amounts. The concept is a simple one. In fact all of the concepts or lessons in this book are simple.
It’s only in the process of getting your soul in a healthy state that your body will also arrive at a healthy state. You may be wondering if this is a convenient time for you to take a journey to a healthy lifestyle. Give thanks to your soul and the universe at this very moment. It is because of them that you are here, reading this book. You have arrived at this point because you are ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Price: $15.95

ISBN: 978-0-9794585-6-9

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