Parenting with an Attitude

Parenting with an Attitude

Parenting is more about attitude than approach.

As you read Parenting with an Attitude…..21 Questions Successful Parents Ask Themselves, you will find that this book takes a somewhat different approach to parenting than do many books that are on the market today. Most address goals and expectations for parenting that certainly do merit our consideration.  And usually they are written to endorse a particular approach to accomplishing those goals and expectations.

The goal and purpose of what you read here, however, is not to suggest or endorse any particular approach we parents can employ in order to persuade, coerce, bribe-or if all else fails-force our kids to do and be what we want  them to do and be.  Certainly we want them to be respectful of others, to be responsible, polite, ambitious, helpful around the house, and much more.

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